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Ubuntu 13.04 installed with Window 7 but disappear from boot menu.

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I have installed Ubuntu 13.04 with Window 7 but it is not appear in boot menu and window 7 is running as before installation of Ubuntu. I have installed Ubuntu using partition option.

posted Aug 11, 2013 by Sudhakar Singh

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Check the following link, exactly same issue as yours. It should help you.
I have installed Window 7 64 bit. On ubuntu page there is 13.04 disk image mentioned as amd 64. Does it means its only for amd processors, because it does not continue installation with W 7 64 bit. I have also tried ubuntu older version of 32 bit with W7 64 bit but the problem remains same. What should I do ?
Should not be the case.
Am i going right ? My conclusion is:
-With window 7 32 bit, ubuntu 32 bit raise no problem.
-With window 7 64 bit, ubuntu 64 bit is available but its for amd processor not for intel.
-After installing window 7 64 bit, ubuntu 32 bit will not install along with.
-and I have installed window 7 64 bit.
Ideally amd or Intel  should not matter, but if ubuntu page is saying it is for amd then probably that could be the case. Can you share the page link.
In this link, there is option for downloading 32 or 64 bit. After downloading 64 bit file it have suffix like "amd64" and 32 bit have "i386".
Sorry to everyone. My conclusion was wrong. Actually there was some problem during installation on my laptop. Now I have installed Ubuntu 13.04 32 bit along with window 7 64 bit. The problem is that when installing Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit along with window 7 64 bit, the grub menu did not appear and ubuntu is bypassed but with Ubuntu 32 bit this problem  did not occur.

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