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Requirement of RAM for dual installation of Window 7 64 bit and Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit

+1 vote

Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit was not shown at boot time when installed with Window 7 64 bit but Ubuntu 13.04 32 bit has no problem. Is there any memory problem ?

posted Aug 26, 2013 by Sudhakar Singh

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Is it showing any problem, I believe if you have 4GB both can co-exist without any issue.
I have 2 GB RAM + i3 2.40 GHz Processor. Would it be not sufficient ?
I also have 2GB with i3 (windows 8) but my PC is extreme slow so planning to upgrade.

2 Answers

+1 vote

I didn't see the original post, so I don't know what ram you might have mentioned, but Win 7 will run, even if slowly, in 1GB. So will Ubuntu. You really want at least 2--4 is lots better. Ram is so cheap, install 8GB and then don't worry about it anymore, unless you're a *big* gamer. Then you'll have to worry about the video card, also.

answer Aug 28, 2013 by anonymous
+1 vote

If the 64 bit install appeared to go ok but the option to boot into Ubuntu is not shown that is nothing to do with the RAM.

answer Aug 28, 2013 by anonymous
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