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How Proxy Call Session Control Function(P-CSCF) works for LTE users ?

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How Proxy Call Session Control Function(P-CSCF) works for LTE users ?
posted Sep 19, 2013 by Neeraj Mishra

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1 Answer

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PCSCF is an entry point to receive all the User agent sip request from the LTE UE. There are number of nodes in IMS architecture like I-CSCF and S-CSCF and Application server along with this P-CSCF.

P-CSCF receives request from the UEs and send to I-CSCF. I-CSCF has connection with HSS to get Ue's subscription profile. Based on subscription details of UE, I-CSCF selects S-CSCF and forward the request to that.

There are some messages goes like .

UE -------- Register ------------------------> IMS
UE <----------- 401 Unauthorized ---------- IMS.
UE---------------Register ----------------------> IMS.
UE <------------ 200 OK ----------------------- IMS.
answer Sep 19, 2013 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
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