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Can any please give the sample policy configuration with per service usage limitation in PCRF?

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Can any please give the sample policy configuration with per service usage limitation in PCRF?
posted Aug 23, 2013 by Gurusamy

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May I request you be more specific about what exactly you are looking for ? Probably query is at a high level
Adding on Shwetha's comment, sharing the policy configuration may be a copyright infringement and nobody will share that. So be specific so that people should able to help you at-least by answering or if there is any public config then they can share the location of the configuration.

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I am going through the spec 3gpp 29.219(Sy interface) and trying to understand the call flow and AVPS between the OCS and PCRF.

The PCRF sends the the list of Policy counters to OCS initially and OCS will store it against the Sy session. How does the Counter identifiers be identified uniquely b.w OCS and PCRF ?

Because the spec says, If the OCS determines that any policy counter identifiers are invalid, the OCS shall return a response with the Result-Code AVP set to DIAMETER_INVALID_AVP_VALUE.

But my doubt is, how the Policy counter Ids are known across the OCS and PCRF.

Any help in this area is very helpful


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How the signalling messages flow between network nodes of inter PLMN ?
Assume a scenario, in which LTE UE is connected to its home network and handed over to another network due to mobility.

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Is it possible to block all Data traffic for a specific UE by sending Diameter-Rx AAR command to the PCRF?
If yes, can you indicate AVPs shall be present in the AAR?
May I suppose the following AVP list
- Subscription-Id Containing the targeted MSISDN/IMSI
- Framed-IP-Address or Framed-IPv6-Prefix (containing the IP-address allocated to the UE)
- Media-Component-description containing the following Sub AVP
- Media-Component-number Mandatory sub-AVP
- Flow-Status set to DISABLED