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TCP settings for httpd server running Solaris 10

+1 vote

We have had issues with system resources, primarily RAM, maxing out and effectively overwhelming an Apache web server.
We have noticed that some of the default TCP time settings on Solaris 10 seem really high. Is there any sort of standard TCP settings that have been adopted, or suggested, for a Solaris 10 system running Apache 2.2?Can anyone share what they have done?

posted Aug 20, 2013 by Sheetal Chauhan

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I'm in the middle of a hardware upgrade. The application expert has on our project work list "copy /opt/tomcat/* from old machine to new machine.

The old machine is a Sun V240, running Solaris 9 and the New machine is an Oracle (Sun) T4 server running Solaris 10. Tomcat version is Tomcat 6.

Can we do this? will it run? It seems to be a Java based product and it stands to reason that if the JDK is the same it would be fine. I'm worried about any C code compiled for Solaris 9. Why should we NOT do this ?

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We need to install tomcat 7.0.68 or higher version on Sun Solaris 10. Can you let me know if there is any version compatibility matrix for Tomcat 7?

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I want to install git on my remote Sun sparc Solaris 10 server. Please help me with download package and installation instructions. Also help me with the dependencies.

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We have a websocket application which keeps writing data to the clients.

We found that when tabs (not whole browser) of Firefox (ver. 22) is closed, the websocket connection is not closed. Anyway, reproducibility is very low. And the sendQ (netstat -an) keeps growing

So, what we did is. we kept sending heart beat from client. If this heart beat timeout occurs, we are trying to close the connection as follows

ByteBuffer bbuff = ByteBuffer.allocate(1);
bbuff.put((byte) 0);
messageInbound.getWsOutbound().close(0, bbuff);

Is this correct approach to close the connection from server? Because, the connection is not closed at lower level (netstat -an). Anyway, writing data to it , is stopped and sendQ stops growing.

# netstat -an | grep :8080
tcp 0 402376 ESTABLISHED
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I want Apis on solaris that I can use instead of


Are there exact apis for the same?