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Is it possible to win a cricket match by 0 wickets?

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Suppose we have an ODI match between Team A and Team B. Team B batted first and scored 300 / 6 in 50 overs. After 49.5 overs, Team A reaches 300 / 9. Player X, who is on strike, is on 98. He wants to complete his century. In the following situation, what happens:

A legal ball is bowled, and the the batsman hits it straight to a fielder at long on.
Both the batsmen start running and complete a run.
Player X turns back for another run.
His partner is busy celebrating their win and does not turn back.
The fielder throws the ball towards the bowler's end.
Player X, seeing that his partner is not turning back, tries to return back.
It's a direct hit, and Player X is out.
The score is now 301 / 10, and Team A has won, but by how many wickets? 0?

posted Jun 10, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

The match is over as soon as the batsmen complete their first run, so the last five points (from "Player X turns back for another run") are irrelevant. Quoting specifically Law 21.6 Winning hit or extras:

As soon as a result is reached [...] the match is at an end. Nothing that happens thereafter [...] shall be regarded as part of it.
The result would be that Team A scored 301/9 and won by one wicket.

answer Jun 11, 2016 by Pratiksha Shetty