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How many minimum number of chapatis did the mom made?

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A farmer’s wife made some chapatis…the farmer had 3 sons…. The fist son came, gave one chapati to the dog,and made three equal parts of remaining chapatis, ate one part of it and left the other two parts for his brothers….other two sons came one after the other and did the same thinking that they came first…then at night all three came to the house, one of them gave one chapati to dog and made three equal parts and the three brothers ate one-one part of it… If no chapati was broken in pieces then how many minimum number of chapatis did the mom made?

posted Jan 20, 2015 by Varuna Magar

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1 Answer

0 votes

minimum chapatti has to be 4 at night so
4*3/2*3/2*3/2+1=14.5 decimal so
7 *3/2*3/2*3/2+1=24.626 decimal so
10 *3/2*3/2*3/2+1=34.75 decimal so
13*3/2*3/2*3/2+1=44.875 decimal so
16 *3/2*3/2*3/2+1=55 numerical

so ans is 55

answer Jan 23, 2015 by anonymous
Kuch bhi
Lets say their mom made x chapatis
number of chapatis left after first son: 2(x-1)/3
number of chapatis left after second son: 2(2(x-1)/3 – 1)/3 = (4(x-1) – 6)/9 = (4x -10)/9
number of chapatis left after third son: 2((4x -10)/9 -1)/3 = (8x – 20 – 18)/27 = (8x – 38)/27
they ate ((8x-38)/27 -1)/3 chapatis each in the night
So it should be an integer value, lets say it is y, where y is an integer.
(8x-38 – 27)/81 = (8x – 65)/81 = y
x = (81*y+ 65)/8 = 10y + (65+y)/8 = 10y + 8 + (y+1)/8
as x should also be an integer
y can be => 7, 15, 23, ….
x can be = 79, 160, 241

minimum value of x is 79

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