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How many correct answers he has attempted?

0 votes

A student gets 4 mark for each correct answer and 1 mark deducted foe each wrong answer.
If he had done 80 questions at all and he has got only 240 marks.
How many correct answers he has attempted?

posted Mar 5 by Prithvi

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Rohan took a test of 20 questions. The test was graded by giving 10 points for each correct answer and deducting 5 points for each incorrect answer. Rohan answered all 20 questions and received a score of 125.

How many wrong answers did he have?

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In a competitive exam, each correct answer could win you 10 points and each wrong answer could lose you 5 points. You sat in the exam and answered all the 20 questions, which were given in the exam.
When you checked the result, you had scored 125 marks in the test.

Can you calculate how many answers given by you were wrong ?

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A hiker is walking from one town to another over five days.
On the first day he covers one fifth of the total distance.
The next day he covers one quarter of what is left.
The following day he covers two fifths of the remainder and on the fourth day half of the remaining distance.
He now has 10 miles left.
How many miles has he walked?

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Anirudh had 25% more DVD's than he has, he would have twice as many as if he had given away 126 of them.
How many DVD's does Anirudh have?

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30 people were given 10 quiz questions, they correctly answered an average of only three each.

After a further 30 people had answered the quiz, the average number of correct answers rose to six per person.

What was the average number of correct answers from each of the last 30 people only?

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