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How much did each bag of candy cost?

+1 vote

Amogh and Sanya were debating a major purchase of candy.
They calculated that they could get three bags of jelly and two bags of chocolate for Rs. 24, which was just under their limit of Rs. 25.
They found they could also get four bags of chocolate and two bags of jelly for the same Rs. 24.
How much did each bag of candy cost?

posted Jun 21, 2020 by Anshika Utadi

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1 Answer

0 votes

3j + 2c = 4c + 2j
j = 2c
6c + 2c = 24
8c = 24
c = 3
j = 2c = 6.
Jelly bag cost = 6
Chocolate bag cost = 3

answer Jun 22, 2020 by Tejas Naik

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