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John needed some small bills because he was traveling. He went to a bank and give the teller a $100 bill...

0 votes

John needed some small bills because he was traveling. He went to a bank and give the teller a $100 bill. He told her, "I need some two dollar bills, ten times as many one-dollar bills, and the rest in five-dollar bills. Assuming she did not tell him to try his request online instead, how many of each did the teller give him?

posted Apr 17 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

50 * $1 bills + 5 * $2 bills + 8 * $5 bills.
For every $2 bills he also gets 10 $1 bills, making $12 per set. This is supplemented by $5 bills, so the sum of the sets have to end at 5 or 0. This happens with 5 sets worth 60$. Thus 5 * $2 bills, 50 * $1 bills and 8 * $5 bills.

answer Apr 17 by Jcm

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A little boy walked up to his uncle and said, ""Uncle, do you know how to make 100 dollars out of ten bills, but not use a single 10 dollar bill?"" ""What do you mean?"" he replied. The little boy replied, "" Make 100 dollars out of any ten bills that aren't a 10."" And so the uncle tried and gave up. But when the boy tried he got it right.

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John bets Tom $100 that he can predict the score of the football game before it starts.
Tom agrees, but loses the bet.
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Four men Tom, Bill, John & Harry go to the sauna every Sunday.

Tom brings a newspaper to read.

Bill has a thermos with his favorite drink.

John just likes to sit and think &

Harry talks about his career in art, though nobody really listens to him.

All four men are generally distracted in their own business.

One Sunday, John is found dead in the sauna.

Police were called immediately, and no man left the building.

John was apparently stabbed in the chest, but no weapons were found hidden in the sauna.

All three men were searched, but no weapons were found.

One among the remaining three men had to be the killer.

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Small oranges cost 8p each, large oranges cost 13p each. Some oranges are bought and the bill is exactly $1. How many of each size of oranges are bought?

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