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Two Brothers rob a bank. One of them is heavily armed and demands that the bank teller give him all the money....

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Two Brothers rob a bank. One of them is heavily armed and demands that the bank teller give him all the money. The other brother is unarmed and is begging his brother to stop what he's doing. The armed brother then proceeds to fill the bag with money. His brother pleads with him to give the money back and the put the gun down. Meanwhile, the security guards have the armed brother in their sight but decide not to shoot. The brothers escaped with the money but are easily identified and captured. When the brothers go to court, they both walk free after their trial for robbing the bank. how is this possible?
How did he do this?

posted Aug 1, 2018 by Hanifa Mammadov

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2 Answers

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It could be because they were twins and the armed one was taking the other as a hostage. Therefore the guards couldn't fire at him (Or for some reason firing at the armed twin posed danger to the other). While in court the armed twin made sure that his brother wasn't going to reveal his identity, ie the court would be confused as to who is who.

answer Aug 6, 2018 by Tejas Naik
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The brothers are conjoined twins. They weren't sentenced because the innocent one would have to serve a jail sentence with the guilty one. Better to let them both go free.

answer Aug 22, 2019 by anonymous

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