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What ten bills, all but the 10 dollar bill, did he use?

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A little boy walked up to his uncle and said, ""Uncle, do you know how to make 100 dollars out of ten bills, but not use a single 10 dollar bill?"" ""What do you mean?"" he replied. The little boy replied, "" Make 100 dollars out of any ten bills that aren't a 10."" And so the uncle tried and gave up. But when the boy tried he got it right.

What ten bills, all but the 10 dollar bill, did he use?

posted Jan 12, 2015 by Anil Chaurasiya

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John needed some small bills because he was traveling. He went to a bank and give the teller a $100 bill. He told her, "I need some two dollar bills, ten times as many one-dollar bills, and the rest in five-dollar bills. Assuming she did not tell him to try his request online instead, how many of each did the teller give him?

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