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Packaged in a jar or perhaps a tub Enjoyed from Wellington to Timbuktu Although some may think I come from a...........

0 votes

Packaged in a jar or perhaps a tub
Enjoyed from Wellington to Timbuktu

Although some may think I come from a nut
Nutritionists would know that I do not

Use me to form a delicious lunch slice
Tastier yet with my fruity topper

What am I?

posted Mar 14, 2019 by Divya Bharti

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1 Answer

0 votes

the answer is Peanut butter

answer Mar 14, 2019 by Hanifa Mammadov

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I may come in groups of twelve,
From farms or from a store,
The thing that made me,
Made many of me galore!

I could give birth to a creature,
Or be eaten by you,
For breakfast, lunch, or dinner,
Now here's your last clue.

I have walls and floors of white
A disco ball in the middle,
A very round one that's yellow,
And I am very little.

What am I?

+1 vote

I'm in a zoo,
But not in a jungle.
I rarely come in pairs,
But I'm in every puzzle.
Some think I'm in a xylophone,
But I most certainly am not.
You don't see me with a loan,
But very strangely in a zealot.
I'm in the magical prison of Azkaban,
Well, can't you see?
I'm in the buzz of a fan,
But, my oh my what could I be?

+1 vote

I am enjoyed by some, despised by others. Some take me for granted, some treasure me like a gift. I last forever, unless you break me first. What am I?

+4 votes

A necessity to some, a treasure to many, I’m best enjoyed among pleasant company. Some like me hot, some like me cold. Some prefer mild, some like me bold. What am I?

0 votes

We are often dangerous
But to some we are fun
To others we are frightening
Causing them to run
We come together
Though we seem apart
You see me and you hear my brother
Who oft times makes little ones run to their mothers,
I am bright and my brother is loud
And it may seem that we come from a cloud, What are we?

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