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Guess me: I may come in groups of twelve, From farms or from a store, The thing that made me, Made many of me galore!

+2 votes

I may come in groups of twelve,
From farms or from a store,
The thing that made me,
Made many of me galore!

I could give birth to a creature,
Or be eaten by you,
For breakfast, lunch, or dinner,
Now here's your last clue.

I have walls and floors of white
A disco ball in the middle,
A very round one that's yellow,
And I am very little.

What am I?

posted Mar 31, 2015 by Madhavi Latha

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1 Answer

+5 votes

Answer is EGG.
EGG has the white shell outside and the yellow part inside.
It can either be eaten or can give birth to a creature.

answer Mar 31, 2015 by Muthulakshmi K

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I normally have 100 or more teeth. I come in a variety of colors and sizes. People use me every day. At least, I hope they do. What am I?

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I represent love.
I'm the daughter of Heaven and Sea.
You may find me in the sky above,
And many envy my beauty.

My love belongs to fire,
But if I said I was true to him
I would be a liar,
But I have no shame for my whims.

My son taught many to love.
To me the only earthly items of worth
Are myrtle, sparrow, swan, and dove.
And no one remembers my birth.

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I am a creature that makes you go "Ick!"
I can literally stop you dead in your tracks.
I'll come out of nowhere and I'll get you quick.
My bite hurts as much as stepping on tacks.
I'm one of the most dangerous desert creatures of all.
People get scared when they see me crawl.
What kind of creature am I?

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I come via Latin from Greek,
Step in the direction of something big, so to speak.

The scholars know me very well,
Without me, they may fail.

I provide a helping hand to all,
and found sometimes on flowers so small.

Though stepping stone, I am always a minor,
But I always make my dependent finer.
who am I?

Hint :
Everyone come across this thing in middle/high school or in college, but most of us ignores it wholeheartedly

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