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Those who have it least don’t know that they have it. Those who have it most wish they had less of it...

0 votes

Those who have it least don’t know that they have it. Those who have it most wish they had less of it, but not too little or none at all. What is it?

posted Mar 12 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

This is age

answer Mar 12 by Hanifa Mammadov

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Those who make this item, don't use it.
Those who BUY this item, have no need for it.
But those who USE this item, never see it.

What is the item?

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Three people met at the corner of a street.
They all are dressed like cops,
So they don't know who the thief is.
the cops will always tell the truth and
the thief will tell the truth too
to make himself appear like a good cop.

If their names are Silva, Angelina & Rex
and they said this :

Silva : "Rex is not the thief."
Angelina : "One of you both is the thief!"
Rex : "I am not the thief."

Who is the thief ?

0 votes

I break knots in every strand,
Helping those who have it at hand,
Often found inside the spot,
Where cleaning's done quite a lot.
What am I?

+1 vote

On July 7th, I had a most unusual day. I woke up at exactly 7:07, stumbled to my refrigerator and had a 7up. I got dressed, went downstairs, and caught the number 7 bus to go to my office on 77th street. While sitting in my office on the 7th floor, it dawned on me how my day was going so I called my bookie and placed a $777 bet on the number 7 horse in the seventh race, whose name was Seventh Heaven, to win.

Do you know what happened?

+1 vote

You have a coin that may be biased. In other words, if P is the probability of your coin flip being Heads, you don't know what P is, (and therefore you don't know whether it is 1/2)

You and your friend want to toss for who goes first in a game. Can you use your coin to generate a fair coin flip (How)?

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