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Who had caught the most, second most, third most and least?

0 votes

Asif, Dhanush, Hari and Rohan were counting up the results of a day's fishing:
Rohan had caught more than Hari.
Between them, Asif and Dhanush had caught just as many as Hari and Rohan.
Asif and Rohan had not caught as many as Dhanush and Hari.
Who had caught the most, second most, third most and least?

posted Aug 8 by Tapesh Kulkarni

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1 Answer

0 votes

A+D=H+R ----> (1)
A+R=D+H ----> (2)
From (2) we have D>A as R>H
If R=H+n and D=A+m
(1) ---> A+D=2A+m, H+R=2H+n
(2) ---> A+R=A+H+n, D+H=A+m+H --> m=n ---> A=H ---> D=R
Rohan & Dhanush are equal, the most and second and Asif & Hari are equal and share 3rd and 4th place

answer Aug 8 by Hanifa Mammadov

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Once there was a night watchman who had been caught several times sleeping on the job. The boss issued the final warning. On the next night he was caught with his head on his hand and his elbows on the desk.
"Aha, I've caught you again," exclaimed the boss. The watchman's eyes popped open immediately and he knew what had happened. Being a quick thinking man, he said one word before looking up at the boss. The boss apologized profusely and went home.

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Sam, Harry, and Alicia all went on a fishing trip. One fish was caught at 9:00 am, one at 8:45 am, and one at 9:30 am. Three types of fish were caught: tuna, bass, and mackerel.
Can you figure out who caught what fish and at what time?

Clues are as follows:

1. Sam didn't catch the mackerel.
2. Harry fell asleep after Sam and Alicia caught their fish, only to be surprised with a bite.
3. Alicia made fun of her comrade for catching a tiny tuna fish.
4. Sam didn't get the first catch.
5. Harry was proud of his fish, which wasn't a mackerel.
6. The tuna was caught third.
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