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Who should pay and how much ?

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A owes B , Rs 1120 payable 2 years hence and B owes A , Rs 1081.50 payable 6 months hence. If they decide to settle their accounts forthwith by payment of ready money and the rate of interest be 6% per annum .

Who should pay and how much ?

posted Sep 11, 2014 by Anil Chaurasiya

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A mixed packet of nuts contains 1 pound of walnuts and 2 pounds of Brazil nuts. It costs exactly $2. A packet containing 4 pounds of filberts and 1 pound of walnuts costs $3. And for only $1.50, you can buy a mixed packet of 3 pounds of almonds, 1 pound of walnuts, and 1 pound of filberts.

How much should you pay for a mixture of 1 pound of each of the four kinds?

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Rate list of some liquids purchased by Rahul is -
Item.........Rate per litre.......Amount required in litres
A shopping mall offers a discount of 10%,20% and 30% in the rate of following items. These discounts are given according to the demand of customer.
For getting maximum profit , Rahul will use 30% discount in which item and he will pay how much rupees to the shopkeeper ?

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The marked price of a shirt is Rs 786.
A shopkeeper offers three successive discount of 5%, 10% and 15%.
How much will you have to pay, finally?

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The marked price of a shirt is Rs 1857/-.
A shopkeeper offers three successive of 5%, 15% and 25%.
How much will you have to pay finally?

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Ahaan, Bhavesh and Chirag rent a pasture. Ahaan puts 10 oxen for 7 months, Bhavesh puts 12 oxen for 5 months and Chirag puts 15 oxen for 3 months for grazing.
If the rent of the pasture is Rs. 175, how much must Chirag pay as his share of rent?

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