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How much cancellation fee will Mr. Tom pay and what will be the new order value?

+1 vote

Mr. Tom purchased 3 x GPS Cat Collar from store. The total item value of his order is $146.85 and the shipping charge is $4.95 (Shipping charges are only refundable when customer cancels the full order). Total order value $151.80. After the purchase, Mr. Tom had a change of mind and informed you via email support portal that now he only wants 1-piece GPS Cat Collar. According to Firestorm Store’s Refunds & Returns policy, to cancel an item customer will be charged 25% of its canceled item value as a cancellation fee.
How much cancellation fee will Mr. Tom pay and what will be the new order value? How much money will be refunded to Mr. Tom’s account?

posted Apr 7 by Soniya Akter

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1 Answer

0 votes

$146.85 item price --> 2*146.85/3= 97.9 price of cancelled items
$97.9*0.25= $24.48 cancellation fee
He will get a refund of $97.9*0.75=$73.42
4.95 shipping is not refundable
New order value --- $151.80-$73.42= $78.38

answer Apr 8 by Hanifa Mammadov

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