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Can you tell at what time did they individually visit Eeshan?

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Aastha, Bhavna, Charu and Diya visited Eeshan on 14th February.

The time of each visit was as follows:
Aastha at 8:00
Bhavna at 9:00
Charu at 10:00
Diya at 11:00
Each time mentioned above may be either AM or PM.
Charu did not visit Eeshan between Bhavna and Diya.
At least one female visited Eeshan between Aastha and Bhavna.
Aastha did not visit Eeshan before both Charu and Diya.
Can you tell at what time did they individually visit Eeshan?

posted Jul 16, 2014 by Puneet Batra

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