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Who arrived at the bank first, and what time did they arrive?

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Jaya and her husband were out shopping when they decided to split to save time. They agreed to meet back at the bank at 2:00 PM. Jaya realized several minutes later that she had forgotten her watch and asked a lady nearby for the correct time. The lady's watch was five minutes fast, but she thought it was ten minutes slow. Jaya's husband also forgot his watch so he asked a passing gentleman for the time. The man's watch was ten minutes slow, but he thought it was 15 minutes fast.

Taking into account the errors in the watches, who arrived at the bank first, and what time did they arrive?

posted Jan 20, 2015 by Harshita Dhaliwal

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Three cars had driven into a parking lot at the same time, and the three drivers left them all for the attendant to park.

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