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Myths about Bread and the Truth Behind Them

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There are a few varieties concerning falsehoods, myths and truths. Indeed, there are half lies, misleading statements and after that myths. Sustenance businesses don't generally inform shoppers the whole truth concerning their items, since they would prefer not to endure a misfortune to their benefits, or maybe they would prefer not to frustrate their clients. 

Regardless, buyers ought to realize what they are purchasing, and in particular, what they are eating. We have all heard that white bread is awful for you and wheat bread is better. Here are a couple of straightforward myths and truths about white bread, wheat bread and rye bread. 

Are breads Good or Bad? 

Myth 1

White bread it is terrible for you


Many individuals trust this myth, and even today they decline to eat any sort of bread, regardless of whether it is white or wheat. Bread contains fiber, sugars, minerals, press, folic corrosive and fiber. These are every one of the supplements the body needs to work legitimately and remain solid. 

Bread is useful for the body, on the off chance that it is eaten with some restraint. Be that as it may, a few people can't stop at a cut or two. At the point when a great many people are eager, they go after a sandwich, a roll, a nibble cake or a sandwich. The more bread individuals eat, the more they tend to need. 

Myth 2

Breads made with enhanced flour are loaded with supplements. 


Enhanced flour is not all it's guaranteed to be. The two most vital fixings missing from this formula are germ and grain. The supplements are really stripped out of the flour, and sprinkled back in. Besides, the supplements lost in the stripping procedure can't be completely recovered. 

Myth 3

Sound breads are known by their names.


This basically isn't valid. Numerous nourishments, including breads, have incredible, solid sounding names. Be that as it may, the fixings they contain are a long way from solid. Names are misdirecting, and much of the time deluding. Names are intended to offer nourishments, administrations and items, and sadly, numerous sustenances don't experience their names, and breads are no special case. 

Myth 4

All breads contain gluten and must be wiped out from an eating regimen. 


The dominant part, yet not all breads, are stacked with gluten. Truth be told, wheat bread contains high amounts of gluten, while different breads don't contain high volumes of gluten by any means. Unless the bread is prepared at home, the likelihood of picking a gluten-filled bread exists. 

Myth 5

Rye bread is produced using 100% wheat and is high in fiber. 


Most rye bread contains just a single gram of fiber in each serving. Unbleached, stripped down flour, water and rye flour are the primary fixings found in rye bread. Rye bread is not as solid as it makes itself out to be. 

Myth 6

Breads ought to be kept in the fridge to keep from getting stale


Breads really have a more extended time span of usability on the off chance that they are not presented to components inside the fridge. Breads assimilate the taste and possess a scent reminiscent of different nourishments. Keeping breads in cool dry spots, for example, a bread box, can help shield breads from getting rotten and stale. 

Myth 7

Eating substantial volumes of wheat breads does not add on the pounds. 


Eating entire grain breads is more beneficial. Be that as it may, eating a lot of entire wheat breads can build the pounds. Eating the every day suggested stipend found in entire grain breads can give fundamental vitamins, minerals and strands the body needs. 

Bread Facts 

Entire grain breads contain entire grain pieces. Inside the piece are the endosperm and the germ. Entire wheat breads contain fiber, molasses, mineral and lessened cholesterol. It's hard to recognize darker breads basically by their shading. 

Wheat breads, for example, nectar wheat and multigrain, may contain some wheat grain, yet they do not have the entire wheat grain. Breads checked 100% entire wheat are frequently bundled with entire rye, oats or entire wheat flour, are the most nutritious breads to purchase. 

Here are some other critical bread truths to know: 

1) One cut of locally acquired bread has around 69 calories. 8 of these calories get from fat, 12 grams of starches, 132 mg of sodium and 4 grams of protein. 

2) Whole wheat breads are low cholesterol, low fat option breads. 

3) One cut contains 1 gram of fat, and no trans or soaked fat is incorporated. 

4) Whole wheat breads are utilized as a part of eating routine administration. 

5) Commercially arranged breads (white breads) contain more sodium than wheat bread. 

6) Commercially arranged breads contain more calories, and more aggregate starches than wheat bread. 

100 percent wheat bread is the more beneficial bread to pick. Avoid industrially arranged breads and eat the suggested day by day grain stipend, as per the sustenance pyramid.

posted Apr 19, 2017 by Ritika Sharma

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Jackpots Pay Out in Cycles

All slots jackpots are computed with definite odds of occurring. For example, a jackpot may be programmed to hit on 1 out of every 1 million spins. Some players take these odds literally and think that the jackpot must pay at exactly 1 million rounds. In other words, these gamblers believe that slots payouts are delivered on cycles. Anybody who believes in payout cycles is likely to play the same game religiously in pursuit of the top prize. But the truth is that jackpots and all other slots prizes are paid randomly. The odds merely act as a guideline on when payouts are delivered on average.


Time of Day Matters

This fallacy is more commonly observed in land-based casinos, though one does not need a huge leap in logic to apply it to online gambling websites as well. Players often believe that slot games have better payout chances at certain times of the day, such as early mornings, during holidays, and over the weekend. The idea behind this is that casinos try to entice players with larger winning probabilities during these times. This notion is doubtlessly absurd and there is no evidence to suggest that this is the case.


Bet Value Affects Chances of Winning

One of the most popular myths is that you have to play a slot machine at the maximum stake to win at it. While some progressive slots may require the maximum amount of coins to qualify for the top prize, at standard video slots that’s not the case. You can stake as much as you like and get paid accordingly.


There Are Systems That Can Outwit A Slot

Also, this myth is interesting again and again, because different people, providers, and companies often think they have found strategies with which slot machines can be outwitted. Often programs, tips, and strategies are sold at a high price, whereas the only ones that profit from them are usually the sellers of such products. These strategies do not exist, because slots payout winnings completely randomly, so systems that are promising cannot be used.


Slot Machines Run Hot & Cold

This is arguably the most common fallacy in the world of slot games. A slot machine on a hot streak will hand lots of payouts, while a game on a cold streak won’t offer many prizes. This belief develops from a total lack of awareness regarding how slots payouts are determined. Each slot machine features a random number generator, which cycles through payout combinations to determine when you win a prize. The RNG runs through so many combinations that it’s impossible to figure out when payouts are coming.


Even though the game of gambling is much popular, there are several gambling myths that needed to be cleared. Whether you play the poker game or are involved in any sort of online gambling, it’s a must for you to know the biggest myths about online betting.

Further, with the help of knowing the biggest myths about online betting, you can easily tackle all the false misconceptions as well. Also, it makes absolutely no difference whether you are experienced gambler better or a new one.

It’s necessary to know about the online gambling myths and that is what we have brought for you. As of now, come along as we unwrap some of the best myths about online betting, you wouldn’t have known before.

Biggest Myths about Online Betting

Myth 1: Winning always depends on Luck

Well, this is a myth you would have heard at least once in a lifetime from any gambler. Of course, one can believe in luck but when it comes to a game like online gambling, it’s a game of skills.

Winning or losing in online gambling all comes down to mathematics where you will have to be brilliant in this subject. But it all mostly boils down to how good your understanding of odds is. Secondly, even your bookmaker’s choice also makes a huge difference. Like if it were for our editor’s pick you’d be advised to go no further than 10crick—best live betting odds in India would manifest in front you without any involvement of mental gymnastics.

Of course, there are different opportunities to defy the odds and depend on your luck. But, if you are eager to become a better gambler, skills and maths are the two cores that can simply make you earn crores.

Myth 2: Casino games are towards the rigged end

While it's much easier to fake a cry when you lose, online betting games offer fair play to almost every user. In every single country, there are certain regulations and rules for online betting.

Therefore, in case if you lose, none of the faults must be transferred to the online betting world. There are players that are gambling and earning a good amount of money. Hence, instead of crying, you will have to play smart, make use of the skills and eventually, you will play and win money in the longer term.

Myth 3: Relying on Past results will make gamblers win

Well, you might have seen plenty of online gamblers especially in Roulette games depending on past results. Well, this can work sometimes but totally depending on past results and hoping to win is one of the biggest myths.

Indeed, past results come handy sometimes to predict the future but it is the mind that has to remain active in predicting the future.

Also, there is a rare link between what has happened and what is going to happen in online betting. Just because the last 15 roulettes are black, you must not assume that the last 20 will be red.

For the odds to become significant, you will have to wait for a much longer period of time.

Hence, it is ok to depend on the past but it’s your skill and the brains that can help achieve victory in online betting.

Myth 4: You will win if you play for a longer time

This is a type of myth you would have heard over a plethora of times. There is no sort of online betting game that gives a guarantee of the win for the long term betters. In most cases, you will find yourself run out of money in online gambling if you play for a long time without any skills.

In this case, it’s much more important to understand that every single game bears its individual statistics. You can either make use of the statistics to bear results that can potentially help you decide which can be the tips you can use and earn money from betting.

Even if luck can help you in some case or the other, playing for longer durations doesn’t guarantee to win in any circumstance.

Final Word of Mouth

The world of online betting is filled with hundreds of misconceptions where gamblers have fallen into a trap of myths. Well, given above are the top 4 biggest myths you will have to eliminate at any cost.

Once you do that, gambling will be a game of skills for you where you can eventually use your brains to win in the nearby future.


Besan or Bengal gram flour, made from Bengal gram pulses are widely used across India and a few of its immediate neighbors. An instant reminder of deep fried fritters or pakodas, sweets made of besan is popular as well.  A fantastic binder for cuisines, Besan is nutrition loaded and an excellent protein source for vegans and vegetarians. Here is an interesting insight into the popularity of besan flours: It is the most used flour, more popular than wheat flour, according to the Indian Ministry of Food processing industry.

Besan is perhaps one of the most misunderstood flour. Benefits of this flour is either marred due to the fact that it is mostly being used as a batter for deep-fried food or because of the fact that it is taken to be an unhealthy choice. However, it is interesting to notice how the beauty industry swears by its benefits.

Here are a few more nutritional facts about besan, which is obscure from most.

Excellent source of protein: 

Made from chickpeas or from Bengal grams, which are categorized into legumes and pulses respectively, besan is high in protein content. It is also extremely high in fiber content.


Besan is an organically gluten-free flour. Most of us have a negative take on gluten, for good reasons.  Gluten affects our health in an adverse manner. Hence the very fact that besan is sans gluten qualifies it as a good for health food.

Promoted by nutritionists

Dieticians being the nutrition experts, are aware of what a  body needs, to stay healthy. It is, therefore, not surprising when a dietician suggests besan chilla or a besan roll in the diet schedule of someone trying to lose weight. The reasons why besan gets recommended could be any of the one listed below:

•    Being gluten free besan

•    The protein content of besan is way more than many of the staple grain flours

•    Contains folate, a Vitamin B variant, vital for the production of RBC

•    Folate helps a baby's neural tube develop into the brain and spinal cord

•    Besan is, therefore, a must for pregnant ladies

•    Besan has a dense consistency which makes it ideal for consumption for weight loss

Soluble fibres: 

Besan contains soluble fibres. This makes it extremely cardiac friendly. A soluble fibre dissolves in water and forms a gel-like substance. This gel, in turn, puts a check on the cholesterol and blood sugar levels.


Abundant in Iron: 

Half a cup of besan or chickpea flour can fulfil an adult's daily need of iron by 30%. This is what makes besan a must for people who have deficient blood levels and are therefore anaemic.

Prosperous for bones

Chickpea flour has an abundance of phosphorous in it. This in itself does not really help the bones become stronger. However, when phosphorous combine with calcium, together they boost bone formation.

Thiamin boosts energy: 

Besan is an energy booster since it helps to drive fatigue away. This is due to the presence of the vitamin called Thiamin in besan, that is capable of converting food in the body into energy. 

Magnesium helps regulate blood pressure: 

Besan contains magnesium. Research shows that if 368 gms of magnesium is fed to the body for a period of 3 months, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, goes down in the body on its own, by 2 mm and 1.8 mm respectively. Systolic blood pressure is the measurement of pressure in the blood vessels when the heart is beating, whereas diastolic blood pressure measures the blood pressure in the veins when the heart rests in between the beats. 

Low Glycemic controls diabetics: 

Besan is low on Glycemic index. This basically means that besan takes time to be digested. This, in turn, helps the body to increase the blood sugar level slowly, rather than spike it. Consequently, insulin levels stay in control which is the primary factor for diabetics  

Vitamin B 6 provider: 

Neurotransmitter serotonin acts as an antidepressant in the body. Our bodies need to synthesise this from the nutritional vitamins we consume. For the formation of Neurotransmitter serotonin, the body needs B6. Besan is a good source of the same, which makes it ideal for consumption to maintain good mental health.


Besan is a flour and can be consumed in various ways. However what needs to be remembered here is how besan contributes to a healthier lifestyle. The right to chose the best food for our own health, therefore, remains with us.


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