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Check Out The Top KBC Winners!

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Kaun Banega Crorepati, the main TV Show which tickled everybody's dim cells was designed from UK diversion show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire." Everyone won prize cash, however some of them won enormous prize cash. The following is a short depiction of the life of top KBC champs now. 


1. Harshwardhan Nawathe – first Season 

27 years Harshwardhan's life changed topsy turvy in 2000 when he won Rs. 1 crore and turned into the primary contender in KBC show to snatch the cash pack. The then Indian Civil Services hopeful got to be smaller than normal big name when he won the prize sum. After the appear, he dropped the possibility of Civil Services and went to UK for doing MBA. Presently utilized in Mahindra and Mahindra, he drives a cheerful existence with his two youngsters and spouse. 


2. Ravi Mohan Saini – KBC Junior 

Would you be able to think about a 14 year old kid winning Rs. 1 crore not as a result of a lottery but rather due to his judgment. Indeed, Ravi Saini opposed this creative ability of each one of and went ahead to wind up the champ of KBC Junior in 2001 and earned Rs. 1 crore. The wonder didn't stop there, fairly kept on demonstrating his courage and appreciation for his nation as an officer in the Indian Police Service. 


3. Rahat Taslim – fourth Season 

A woman hailing from moderate family got to be pride of each ladies in India when she won Rs. 1 crore. She needed to stop her studies as she was offered yet now she carries on with a free life in Giridih where she has set up her own article of clothing showroom in a shopping center. 


4. Sushil Kumar – fifth Season 

Sushil Kumar is an impeccable case of the quote "Training has no limits." Hailing from a modest foundation of Motihari in Bihar, PC administrator turned into the main contender in KBC's history to get hold of Rs. 5 crore on tough position. His triumph conveyed laureate to him however appears like he couldn't deal with his prize cash. He got Rs. 3.6 crores after derivation of expenses which he spent thoughtlessly and clearly now is jobless and making progress toward cash. 


5. Sunmeet Kaur – sixth Season 

In the first place woman victor of Rs. 5 crore in KBC history is an immaculate case of diligent work and faith in oneself. Indeed, even subsequent to having level of style planning, she was not allowed by her in-laws to seek after a vocation in the related field. In any case, this didn't prevent her from flying. She began tiffin benefit however later needed to end up as she met a mischance. At that point, she began giving tutions and that knowledge in the long run helped her in winning the astounding sum. The last news we knew about her was, she has begun a design house with a companion. 


6. Taj Mohammed Rangrez – seventh Season 

Who says History instructors simply know in regards to past? Rangrez evaded this generalization by turning into the primary challenger of season 7 to win Rs. 1 crore. It resembled a blessing from heaven for him since he needed money related right hand for his girl's halfway vision treatment. He utilized the prize cash to cure his little girl's vision issue, paid for house and bolstered the marriage of two stranded young ladies. 


7. Achin Narula and Sarthak Narula – eighth Season 

Theirs has been the greatest triumph on the show in this way. Gratefulness and popularity came into the scene when the Delhi siblings together won an incredible aggregate of ₹ 7 crore. It got to be conceivable following a 10-year-long diligent work where the young men got an opportunity to take an interest together. They utilized the cash for their mom's disease treatment and opened up their very own business.

posted Jul 1, 2016 by Anitha

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