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Launch of IOT Community by the Brisa Technologies

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IOT is a new buzz word of the town and every startup wants to get associated with it. Do we have any community where IOT users, IOT engineers or IOT Entrepreneur can engage in a discussion the answer is NO. Brisa Technologies has solved this problem with the launch of a IOT Community (IOTandUS) targeted for IOT users in July 2017. 


- The community will focus on the adoption & application of IOT in commercial environments, seeking to understand & contribute to applying the technology or overcoming the wide variety of barriers, inhibitors, and technical & operational issues. 

- The community includes IOT pioneers, industry specialists, lawmakers, key partners and end-users to shape the future standpoint and heading of the IOT business. The community allow users to ask questions, answer questions, publish an articles, discussion on various topics, follow experts and recommend friends. 

- Community is powered by popular platform called 

- Community will allow events, IOT specific projects and IOT specific talk show as part of the community in the future as confirmed by the Brisa Technologies founder Mr. Subodh Patil. 

- For now Community will excuse all type of promotions but in future may allow it based on need. 


IOTandUS does not have a logo and when we asked Mr. Subodh about it he said he wants some enthusiast to help him with the logo. 


Contact Email: 

Community URL:​

posted Jul 28, 2017 by anonymous

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