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What Makes So Curious About Honeymoon To A Women !!

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The honeymoon is a peculiarly modern creation. Building on wedding customs of Europe in the late 1800s, the honeymoon has evolved into a ritual that nearly all people in the United States and Canada practice and that has grown in popularity around the world (Bulcroft, Smeins, and Bulcroft 1999). The term honeymoon first appears in the sixteenth century in Thomas Blount’s Glossographia (1656), where he defines the honeymoon in terms of the waxing and waning of newlywed emotions. Specifically, “married persons that love well at first, and decline in affection afterwards: it is honey now, but will change as the moon.” Contemporary understandings of the honeymoon are far from this original lexicon, and the current emphasis on passion and romance as pivotal aspects of the honeymoon today seem paradoxical in light of Blount’s definition of the term.

1. It might sound silly to you, but going for a honeymoon is important to women because it gives both of you a chance to spend some quality time with the person you’ve chosen as your life partner.

2. Women really feel that a honeymoon right after marriage is important because it will help newlyweds to understand each other better.

3. It can also help in building a strong bond with your partner without the interference and watchfulness of relatives.

4. A honeymoon gives a couple quiet time to talk about their independent dreams as well as create dreams as a unit.

5. On a honeymoon, you have the privacy and alone time that you will never get if you are living with in-laws. You can relax and and just be who you are with each other.

posted Mar 11, 2016 by Diya Borda

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Lifelong relationship is a thing of past now we see many many cases where couple file for divorce just after marriage. In the following article we are trying to find out top five reasons why couple spareted out just after honeymoon. 

  1. Lack of Respect for each other (specially in love marriage)
  2. Non-consummation 
  3. Failed to seduce
  4. No time for tolerance
  5. Lack of acceptance

Lack of Respect for each other (specially in love marriage)

Marriage hindu

While the occurrence sounds true for an arranged marriage where one is unaware of the other person's likes and dislikes, it is more true in love marriages.Take for instance Kanika (name changed), who recently filed for divorce. "We were dating for three years before marriage. But I noticed significant changes in him during our honeymoon. He expected me to do all his work and started taking me for granted. This was a far cry from the time when we were dating and this transformation came as a shock. Rather than being unhappy with him, I made up my mind to go for a divorce," she says. This is a perfect case of disrespect for the partner and same is seen from husband towards wife.



While differences in their nature, past relationships, uncertainty on expectations, hiding facts, non-consummation of marriage are prime reasons for divorce, it is exaggerated all the more due to ego hassles and growing economic and financial independence. Over-interference from the family is also seen as a red signal in the relationship.

Failed to seduce

couple honeymoon india

Last month, a couple went for their honeymoon to Bali, but the woman's efforts to seduce her husband failed and the 10-day trip was cut short to three days. When asked about the reason for not being physically intimate, the boy stated that even though he was not in love with someone else, he did not feel connected to his wife. Post their return, they decided to go for a separation.  So failed to seduce is one of the core factor of early divorce specially in working couple.

No time for tolerance

Divorce q

Increasing daily stress leaves people with zero tolerance to any more tension. After compromising on most things, people reach a saturation point beyond which they don't want to compromise any further." Seen mainly amongst the higher middle class section of society, it is primarily younger couples who refuse to adjust. 

Lack of acceptance

Many a times people are not ready to accept each other because of their past association with someone else, mismatch in family or social status, too much interference from family members etc. This is equally true for love and arrange marriage bothMy take on this is that "Marriage is a work in progress and one is bound to get bored — the idea is to maintain it the way you maintain a car in order to keep it going."

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