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10 Travel Tips for Women Travelling Alone

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The important travel tips for women travelling alone will shatter every possible myth associated with solo travel and in turn will make sure that the trip becomes a long cherished memory instead.


1. Exercising hotel safety
There exist a number of ways in which one can make their solo stay a lot safer in a hotel. It is always better to check-in with a room that is closer to the elevator, as it won’t require them to walk ill-lit long hallways to reach their room. At the time of registration, the first initial needs to be used instead of the entire name. Also, the “Mr/ Mrs/ Miss” checkbox needs to be skipped if possible.

2. Arriving at day time
It is a wiser choice to arrive in a new city during day time. Areas around train and bus stations can be deserted or scary and small towns practise shutting themselves early.

3. Keeping the documents safe
Money belt can be used for storage instead of a purse. It draws considerable amount of attention if one is constantly trying to reach under their shirt to fetch money. Therefore, it is better to tuck away the passport, important documents and extra money safely and instead carry a purse or a bag where the daily spending money is to be kept.

4. Dressing appropriately
One of the most important travel tips for women travelling alone is to take care of the way they dress. Unwanted attention can be avoided by dressing as conservatively as possible, similar to the local women. But it does not necessarily mean getting into the traditional attire as that sometimes can backfire. The best thing is to dress up modestly with long or knee-length skirts.

5. Knowing when to befriend
Travelling alone does not always mean one has to remain alone throughout. Some situations arise where seeking out company will result in a more enjoyable, safer experience. Not only it allows one to do a detailed exploration but also can be a great way in making new friends. However, it is important to learn saying NO and to know when to avoid a person.

6. Combating harassment
It is not a shame in terming unsolicited stares, attention and calls as modes of harassment. So it is important for women travellers in maintaining harassment deterrent repertoires when travelling alone.

7. Researching culture and body language
Innocuous gestures like eye contact, smiling, small talk and shaking hands can be interpreted as “come-ons” in some countries.  Misleading or awkward situations can be prevented by learning the local culture and body language beforehand.

8. Exuding confidence
Confidence is of the critical things when it comes to a women travelling alone. It is an effective technique of deterring unwanted attention is exuding confidence 24*7. Appearing confused or lost can make one vulnerable. If lost, the best thing is to walk directly into a restaurant or shop and ask for directions. While in street, it is better to avoid referring a map.

9. Keeping in touch
It is always important to stay in touch with some regular contacts on a daily basis in case one goes missing. Leaving an itinerary behind with friends and family or sending regular emails at home to let them know about their location can be of great help.

10. Using common sense
It is perhaps the best way in staying safe and sound while travelling alone. One should not be walking late at night, should not be drinking with strange men, should not be riding in empty train compartments, etc.


Confidence is of the critical things when it comes to a women travelling alone. It is an effective technique of deterring unwanted attention is exuding confidence 24*7. Appearing confused or lost can make one vulnerable. If lost, the best thing is to walk directly into a restaurant or shop and ask for directions. While in street, it is better to avoid referring a map. Also, leave all your bags at Luggage Storage Sanfrancisco for enjoying the trip with confidence.

posted Sep 1, 2020 by anonymous

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The honeymoon is a peculiarly modern creation. Building on wedding customs of Europe in the late 1800s, the honeymoon has evolved into a ritual that nearly all people in the United States and Canada practice and that has grown in popularity around the world (Bulcroft, Smeins, and Bulcroft 1999). The term honeymoon first appears in the sixteenth century in Thomas Blount’s Glossographia (1656), where he defines the honeymoon in terms of the waxing and waning of newlywed emotions. Specifically, “married persons that love well at first, and decline in affection afterwards: it is honey now, but will change as the moon.” Contemporary understandings of the honeymoon are far from this original lexicon, and the current emphasis on passion and romance as pivotal aspects of the honeymoon today seem paradoxical in light of Blount’s definition of the term.

1. It might sound silly to you, but going for a honeymoon is important to women because it gives both of you a chance to spend some quality time with the person you’ve chosen as your life partner.

2. Women really feel that a honeymoon right after marriage is important because it will help newlyweds to understand each other better.

3. It can also help in building a strong bond with your partner without the interference and watchfulness of relatives.

4. A honeymoon gives a couple quiet time to talk about their independent dreams as well as create dreams as a unit.

5. On a honeymoon, you have the privacy and alone time that you will never get if you are living with in-laws. You can relax and and just be who you are with each other.


Deepika Padukone: is One of the highest-paid actresses in India, Padukone is the recipient of several awards and the most beautiful women in the world. She features in the listings of the nation’s most popular and attractive personalities. 


Amber Heard: The young and hot actress from America can often be seen in magazines’ Most Beautiful and Sexiest lists. She got her first ground-breaking role in the television show Hidden Palms. 


Priyanka Chopra: She is the former Miss World so surely she will be one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is a sensational performer in Bollywood and has many accolades to show for it.


Selena Gomez: The former Disney starlet from the Wizard of Wavery place has blossomed into an extremely stunning young woman. She is one of the most renown singers in the world now.


Shakira: known for her best-selling song of the 21st century “Hips don’t lie”, Shakira, born on 2nd February 1977 is Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer and many other things. She is one of the most talented and beautiful people in the world right now.


Jennifer Aniston: We all know her as Rachel Green from one of the greatest TV Shows of all time “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”. Born on 11th February 1969, Jennifer Joanna Aniston is an American Actress, producer and businesswoman.


Scarlett Johansson: Best known for her beauty work in films like “Lost in Translation”, “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, and “Hitchcock”, Scarlett Johansson is an actress considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.


Ever considered a visit to Thailand for your next vacation? Though traveling to Thailand is commonplace for Europeans, most North Americans consider it too far away and even too exotic to visit on a regular week or two week vacation. That’s a shame, because if you can get past the 14+ hours on a plane, Thailand is an amazing vacation destination. Although it’s always better to visit if you have weeks or even a month to spare, you’ll also get plenty out of your visit if you come for just a week or ten days.

Let's take a look at 10 Reasons why you visit to Thailand:

1. Your money goes a long way in Thailand

Hotels, food and clothing are all beyond affordable. What you might pay for a beach side hotel in the U.S. is likely half the price in Thailand and food from the local village and street vendors can be as cheap as a $1 for a meal.

2. You can get the best Massages

Relax your body with a traditional Thai massage or opt for an oil massage with warm herbs to rejuvenate your skin – you can opt for many amazing spa treatments that will replenish not just your body but also your mind and soul.

3. There is so much to Shopping

If you like markets, bargains or cool and quirky stuff, you’ll find shopping in Thailand very rewarding. Big city markets carry everything from shoes to art, and the malls in Bangkok are some of the fanciest in the world.

4. So much delicious food to Eat

Delicious Thai curries with rice preparations to lip-smacking street food – Thailand has a lot to offer to your taste buds. Many of their dishes comprise of coconut milk, tender bamboo shoots and lemongrass and they are bound to leave you craving for for.

5. The friendly locals

Thailand is not called the “Land of Smiles” for nothing; the natives are kind, happy and willing to help you when you are lost. It’s a country that welcomes tourism, but doesn’t bother its tourists.

6. Perfect destination for a Boy’s Trip or a Girl’s Getaway

While boys can head to party hubs like Bangkok and Pattaya for an unforgettable Bachelor’s trip, girls can enjoy some beach time with their gang at breathtaking locations like Koh Samui and Phuket. But having said that, everyone can have a blast in each of these locations regardless of their gender or age or people they are accompanied with.

7. Full Moon parties

A full moon party is an all-night beach party that started in Haad Rin on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand that is thrown on the night of, before or after every full moon. These famous parties boast of great music, glow in the dark body paint and intense dancing with thousands of people.

8. How about some Adventure?

If you are an adrenaline junkie, you are guaranteed to have a lot of activities to indulge in when in Thailand. Scuba diving, river rafting, zip lining, kayaking, mountain biking, sky diving, zip lining – the list is endless.

9. Bangkok is a cultural capital

This cosmopolitan city, the largest and capital of Thailand, highlights the heritage and nightlife of the Thai culture with floating markets, temples, local cuisine and rooftop bars. The Grand Palace and the Temple of Dawn are must-sees to add to your list. You will never run out of thing to do in Bangkok.

10. Thailand is the Buddhist Heritage

Buddhism is the country’s predominant religion and it influences everything from the architecture to the way people interact with each other. Any of the country’s major cities have breathtaking Buddhist temples to visit, Chiang Mai and Bangkok especially.


scuba diving in kerala

Scuba Diving is one the best, easiest and the safest water adventure that can be enjoyed by people of almost all the ages; until or unless there is a special medical condition. The simple water sport offers the breathtaking views of the underwater world and that too without having to know swimming. Starting from kids above 7 years of age, to the people in the late 50s – Scuba can be enjoyed by everyone. You can even walk on the seabed in shallow waters; touch the corals and marine life and even get kissed by the fishes. If you are lucky you can also get impressive views of the playful shoals of fish in wonderful colours. Scuba Diving is a wonderful sport that will never fail to surprise and amaze you, no matter how many times you do it.
Given below is the list of some tips to make your scuba diving as safe as possible. Read it properly and make the most of your time under the water.

Never hold your breath

Your scuba gear comes with an oxygen cylinder and breathing apparatus which enables you to breathe underwater. You should breathe at all times to avoid fatal injuries to the internal organs. The air in the lungs expands when you come out of the water and contracts when you dive into the water. If you hold your breath, the air can continue to expand and rupture the airbags or alveolus. The gas bubbles can even find their way into the bloodstream which can cause a sudden heart attack. Hence, breathe at all times properly!

Check Your Gear Properly

You should know your gear properly and ensure that it is working properly before diving into the waters. Tell your buddy to check his equipment as well. You should also learn how to unbuckle or remove the weights from your waist. Learn how to breathe using the equipment properly. The introductory tutorial should not be missed or overlooked.

Never Dive Alone

If you are a novice, avoid scuba diving alone. You should always opt for a buddy as it will be the safest measure. There can be many unexpected happenings underwater such as your oxygen cylinder gets short on gas; your weights come loose; you get lost, or any other such issue. Having someone with you in all these situations can really boost morale as well as increases the chances of survival.

Keep Yourself Physically Fit

It is important for your heart and blood vessels to be strong and in good condition before diving. So, if you are planning to undertake a long diving session or are preparing for some diving event, then you should keep yourself in good shape and health. Opt for cardio sessions on a daily basis to boost the heart and its working. Otherwise, you might face some issues such as breathlessness etc.

scuba diving in sea

Never Exceed Your Limits And Keep Your Dive Safe

There are many different surroundings underwater which require special preparation and expertise in diving. Hence, you should never push yourself too hard. It is good to face challenges and explore the new areas underwater, but you have to be mindful of your abilities as well. Increase the difficulty levels and diving durations gradually.

Plan While You Dive

Always plan everything about the dive session BEFORE you enter into the water. And once you have entered into the water, you should stick to your plan. The communication is hindered under the water and you are not able to discuss things as freely as on land. So, instead of improvising, be wise and make plans which you stick to!

Achieve Proper buoyancy at the surface

Most of the fatalities occur during the ascent when the diver is fatigued. Hence, you should detach the weights and opt for developing the positive buoyancy at the water surface before coming out. This will help you conserve energy and come out of the water without any troubles. You should also fully inflate the BCD.

Make Safe Ascents

The rate of ascent should also be monitored properly to ensure safety. Otherwise, the nitrogen will not get removed from the system and cause bubbling in the blood. This will, in turn, lead to the decompression sickness. The ascent rate should not be more than 30 feet per minute to avoid decompression sickness. Before you go for the ascent, you should fully deflate the BCD and always stay away from inflating button during the ascent. Your guide diver will educate you about the STELA or Signal, Time, Elevate, Look and Ascend!

Know The Dive Signals

The underwater communication is mediated via the hand signals which are also called as the diving signals. You should memorize them and use them to convey your status and well being. We have the basic urge to talk and open mouths to communicate. This can lead to inhaling and ingestion of seawater. Hence, always pay attention when the guide is telling you about the signals.

Keep an Alternative Air Source

If you are going to dive into the deep waters, you should always keep an alternative source of air. This will come handy in any emergency situations. 
So, follow these tips and make the scuba diving as safe as possible! 
Bond Safari Kovalam is one of the best scuba diving in Kerala to learn professional diving for people of all ages. You can also book your water sports with the agency and make the most of your coastal adventures with the best gear and the best guides. For more information, log on to "


Our World is a vast one, I mean it is the only world that we know of till date (sorry aliens!). But, how much do we really know about this world? Do we know enough about it? Oh, please who are we kidding, beside the facts that we acquire from the famous Hollywood movies we don’t really indulge much. But, there are some facts even about the most famous countries in the world that would make your jaw drop! Check out these awesome facts about different countries in the world before packing your luggage!

These awesome facts about different countries in the world will actually make you feel like traveling the world right now!

1. Before you scratch your heads, Africa doesn’t go by just one name. It’s a continent people, not a country, it has 54 countries and covers a land area of 23,700,000 square miles.

2. Mediterranean sea wasn’t always a sea, rumor has it that it was once a huge desert that has changed into the sea over the course of 600,000 years.

3. Scotland, apart from ranging as the top country in the world for tourists to visit, Scotland is also a place for Island lovers, it consists of nearly 790 Islands.

4. Rich people need not worry about serving jail time, In China, the wealthy and Royalty can actually pay for their body doubles to serve their jail time.

5. I’ve always wanted to visit the Philippines (have you ever since a Filipino guy?), this beautiful country is made up of 7641 Islands.

6. Take that Pyramids of Egypt, Sudan has been home to over 200 pyramids and that’s way more than Egypt!

7. All you McDonald’s lovers, can I please have your attention. Sweden is one such country where you can find the most number of McDonald’s than any country in Europe.

8. Apparently, this was the first country that realized that fire is indeed dangerous, Edinburgh was the first city to have its own Fire Brigade.

9. Greenland, I’ve been forever confused why is this ice-laden Island called Greenland, but did you know that Greenland is the largest Island in the world!

10. India definitely needs to see this post right now, you can find 99% of the world’s fresh water in Antarctica, and the least number of inhabitants live there, makes any sense?

11. Yes, you read that right, you can major in bra studies in China.

12.  Coffee lovers, this one’s for you, Hawaii is the only place in the States to grow coffee commercially.


Life is too short to spend wondering about realistic livelinesss on your level screen when nature has unfathomable multi-dimensional marvels to offer. Wouldn't it be more amusing to investigate the psyche boggling characteristic marvels that are shrouded away in lovely travel destinations around the globe? Here we bring a rundown of normal wonders that you completely should see in any event once in your lifetime.


1. Combustible ice bubbles, Alberta 

Lake Abraham in Alerta, Canada is a characteristic lake in one of the colder parts of the nation. It is little ponder, in this way, that methane bubbles get caught underneath the surface of the lake. Is all the more energizing that these air pockets are totally combustible and structure a stunning show of flame and ice, if you somehow managed to take a stab at lighting them up.


2. Bug catching network fields, Australia 

In one of the rarest marvels on earth that is both sensational and spooky, arachnids in the Wagga district of New South Wales cover a few fields in their spider webs. As the zone alongside the Cartwrights Hill surge, a huge number of wolf insects relocate far from water and in this endeavor, cover the encompassing ranges under spools of satiny spider webs.


3. Aurora Borealis, Norway 

The moving Aurora Borealis that make the sky resemble a craftsman's palette swathed in shades of greens, soul, purples and reds are a one of a kind characteristic wonders. Otherwise called Aurora Borealis, you may have seen it on the web, in documentaries and even in liveliness motion pictures. In any case, the genuine article is unique in magnificence and essentially hypnotizes you. The wonder seems each winter on the northernmost shores of Norway when vitality particles from magnetosphere hit the climate.


4. Luminescent Beaches, Maldives


However another show of nature's noiseless heavenliness the luminescent and sparkling shorelines of Mudhdhoo and Vadhoo islands are an absolute necessity visit for each explorer and nature sweetheart. This bio-radiance is made by Ostracod shellfish in the water encompassing the shorelines and lights up the entire shoreline in an ethereal gleam.


5. Water Sprouts, Florida 

While tornadoes are a scary power of nature that are more alarming than wonderful, water-sprouts are a mind boggling marvel which saw from a separation can be really rousing. These segments of sea water surf the banks of Florida and despite the fact that this marvels can likewise be found in shores of Netherlands, Australia and Qatar, Florida has the most noteworthy number of these events.


6. Filthy Thunderstorm, Chile 

This volcanic lightning is a fabulous marvel which is both lowering and moving in the meantime. Rock parts, ice and fiery remains crash in a volcanic tuft to deliver this mind blowing volcanic lightning. As of late saw in Chile's Chaiten Volcano, the lightning bound ejections are additionally seen in Alaska's Mount Augustine spring of gushing lava, and in Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull fountain of liquid magma.


7. Columnar Basalt, Ireland 

These staggering Basalt developments on Giant Causeways are a generally happening normal marvel. Be that as it may, here, in Ireland, these 60 million years of age columnar developments are a geometric showstopper made by quick cooling magma interacting with the sea.


Sure, we’ll admit it–when you think about beach destinations, it’s probably not India that first comes to mind. India is a prime destination for tons of other types of tourism doesn’t mean that it can’t be a beach destination as well.

Half Moon Beach, Karnataka 

Gokarna town in the state of Karnataka is Paradise Beach which is also known as Full Moon Beach. Paradise Beach is about 150 meters in length and is a good 70% of the beach has rock cover all over it. The remaining section has very clean white sand. A
 few years ago this beach used to be a Hippie hot spot and was also very famous for the weed that was sold on the beach. This beach still attracts small number of foreign traveller's  who prefer making a day trip while a few camp the night by cooking their own food and staying in make shift tents.


Goa, a tiny emerald, pristinely beautiful land on the western coast of India. Goa is the smallest but is one of the most scintillating and captivating states of India. The globally famous holiday destination Goa is referred as the land of sun and sand due to its breathtakingly beautiful golden beaches. The 125 Km is dotted of Goan coastline with numerous palm fringed sandy beaches. There are about 39 beaches in Goa which are categorized as North Goa beaches and South Goa beaches which are the most significant aspects of development of Goa tourism industry. The beaches of both these regions have different charm and character.

Varkala Beach, Kerala

Varkala Beach is one of the important beaches of Kerala district. Varkala is a coastal town located at a distance of 51 Km north-west of Thiruvananthapuram. Located in Southern part of Kerala at Northern end border of Thiruvananthapuram District, Varkala is definitely an awesome beach. This place is moreover an important Hindu centre of pilgrimage. High cliffs with mineral springs rise grandly from the coastline. Discovery Channel has rated Varkala Beach has as one of the 10 top seasonal beaches.

Rishikonda Beach, Andhra Pradesh

Rishikonda Beach, on the east coast of India is located about 20 kilometres from the heart ofVisakhapatnam city in Andhra Pradesh. This beach is very popular with both locals and tourists alike as this beach is safe for swimming. A lot of sea-facing resorts are situated on some of these Eastern Ghat hills and provide quick access to the beach, while being situated in green surroundings. this beach too offers a great shopping experience with make-shift shacks selling everything from sea-shell decorative items, gift items, snacks, hot eateries and games for the children.

Agatti Island, Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep Islands is a sheer poetry of the blue shades of the sea and sky. The mystic whiteness and greenary of land merging, intermingling and generating a symphony of liveness. Lakshadweep is truly a rhythm of Land and Sea.

The Lakshadweep Islands are a string of little known islands, lying approximately 320 kilometers (200 miles) off the south west coast of India. There are thirty six islands in all, comprising coral atolls, submerged banks and reefs. It is commonly believed that the islands were discovered by ship wrecked sailors during the reign of Cheraman Perumal, a legendary king of Kerala, around 354 AD.

Andaman Islands, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Andaman Islands are part of India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands territory. There are 572 islands in the territory, only three dozen of which are inhabited. The territory has a population of nearly 380,000, according to India's 2011 census.

Puri Beach, Odisha

Puri the abode of Lord Jagganath is also known for its sacred beach. The beach has attracted countless devotees and sea lovers to take a purification dip for both Indians and foreigners.
The brushed sand dunes, the beautiful sunset, sand arts by the local sand artists like world famous Sudarshan, roar of the breakers and the local fisherman's fleet work give sufficient reason to visitors enjoy this beautiful beach.

Gokarna Beach, Karnataka

This quaint little town in northern Karnataka is not only a religious holiday spot with travellers of a spiritual bent of mind exploring it but also known for its beautiful beaches. Pristine, untouched yet, this gem of a holiday place has four beaches which are must visit for anyone looking for a quiet beach holiday. Gokarna is only now coming in the eye of holiday goers and thus till now has the most secluded beaches. Whether you are looking for a regular holiday sight-seeing or relaxing, Gokarna serves both the purposes.

Marari Beach, Kerala

This beach, again known for its quiet solitude providing atmosphere is for those looking for a relaxed quiet holiday in a beach resort, namely Marari Beach Resort. Close to Alleppey in Kerala, it is add on attraction for people visiting the Kerala backwaters, tourists and holiday makers too.

Alappuzha Beach, Kerala

Just over ten kilometers from Marari Beach sits the considerably more “happening” beach town of Alleppey and its action-packed Alappuzha Beach. However, the beach itself might not be the area’s main touristic draw. This region is known for the Kerala backwaters, a series of brackish lakes and lagoons lying inland from the coast. This area makes for one of India’s most unique and interesting ecosystems, and a houseboat tour of the region comes highly recommended. Afterwards, of course, head to the beach–there is plenty there to see and do as well!

Chowpatty Beach, Maharashtra

Chowpatty Beach is a popular beach which attracts people of all age groups. Every evening, the beach brims with crowds amidst food stalls, ferry rides, balloon sellers, et al. Chowpatty Beach is a lively place where one can unwind after a tiring day to please their taste buds, breathe in some fresh air, and enjoy the beauty of the sandy beach.

Gopalpur-on-sea, Odisha

Gopalpur-on-sea is a beach resort in Ganjam district of Odisha (formerly Orissa). Once a busy sea port, it is now a quiet place. The din and bustle of the temple towns is totally absent and one can really enjoy the roar of the waves and the breeze bustling through the palm tress. With an increase in the inflow of tourists from the late seventies, Gopalpur-on-sea saw a slow revival and is today one of the foremost beach resorts in India.

Ullal Beach, Karnataka

One of the oldest towns found anywhere in India, there’s no denying that Ullal has much more to offer than just its beach. However, the golden-brown sands and lightly crashing waves are certainly a fantastic addition! This is a great place to take a quick dive into the Arabian Sea before getting back and exploring the town. However, you must also be careful–the area is also known for strong rip currents that can prove dangerous even for experienced swimmers. If in doubt, consult a local before you head out.

Kudle Beach, Karnataka

Kudle Beach is one of several located outside of the small town of Gokarna in Karnataka state, and a personal favorite of ours. Just about one kilometer long and book-ended by two slowly rising geological features, this once isolated locale is nowadays getting a little bit more attention from tourists and locals alike. This isn’t a bad thing though–some industrious folk from nearby set up small makeshift restaurants and cafes along the treeline that will feed you get you nice and caffeinated for cheap!