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Five reason why couple divorce just after HoneyMoon?

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Lifelong relationship is a thing of past now we see many many cases where couple file for divorce just after marriage. In the following article we are trying to find out top five reasons why couple spareted out just after honeymoon. 

  1. Lack of Respect for each other (specially in love marriage)
  2. Non-consummation 
  3. Failed to seduce
  4. No time for tolerance
  5. Lack of acceptance

Lack of Respect for each other (specially in love marriage)

Marriage hindu

While the occurrence sounds true for an arranged marriage where one is unaware of the other person's likes and dislikes, it is more true in love marriages.Take for instance Kanika (name changed), who recently filed for divorce. "We were dating for three years before marriage. But I noticed significant changes in him during our honeymoon. He expected me to do all his work and started taking me for granted. This was a far cry from the time when we were dating and this transformation came as a shock. Rather than being unhappy with him, I made up my mind to go for a divorce," she says. This is a perfect case of disrespect for the partner and same is seen from husband towards wife.



While differences in their nature, past relationships, uncertainty on expectations, hiding facts, non-consummation of marriage are prime reasons for divorce, it is exaggerated all the more due to ego hassles and growing economic and financial independence. Over-interference from the family is also seen as a red signal in the relationship.

Failed to seduce

couple honeymoon india

Last month, a couple went for their honeymoon to Bali, but the woman's efforts to seduce her husband failed and the 10-day trip was cut short to three days. When asked about the reason for not being physically intimate, the boy stated that even though he was not in love with someone else, he did not feel connected to his wife. Post their return, they decided to go for a separation.  So failed to seduce is one of the core factor of early divorce specially in working couple.

No time for tolerance

Divorce q

Increasing daily stress leaves people with zero tolerance to any more tension. After compromising on most things, people reach a saturation point beyond which they don't want to compromise any further." Seen mainly amongst the higher middle class section of society, it is primarily younger couples who refuse to adjust. 

Lack of acceptance

Many a times people are not ready to accept each other because of their past association with someone else, mismatch in family or social status, too much interference from family members etc. This is equally true for love and arrange marriage bothMy take on this is that "Marriage is a work in progress and one is bound to get bored — the idea is to maintain it the way you maintain a car in order to keep it going."

posted Jan 18, 2016 by anonymous

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The honeymoon is a peculiarly modern creation. Building on wedding customs of Europe in the late 1800s, the honeymoon has evolved into a ritual that nearly all people in the United States and Canada practice and that has grown in popularity around the world (Bulcroft, Smeins, and Bulcroft 1999). The term honeymoon first appears in the sixteenth century in Thomas Blount’s Glossographia (1656), where he defines the honeymoon in terms of the waxing and waning of newlywed emotions. Specifically, “married persons that love well at first, and decline in affection afterwards: it is honey now, but will change as the moon.” Contemporary understandings of the honeymoon are far from this original lexicon, and the current emphasis on passion and romance as pivotal aspects of the honeymoon today seem paradoxical in light of Blount’s definition of the term.

1. It might sound silly to you, but going for a honeymoon is important to women because it gives both of you a chance to spend some quality time with the person you’ve chosen as your life partner.

2. Women really feel that a honeymoon right after marriage is important because it will help newlyweds to understand each other better.

3. It can also help in building a strong bond with your partner without the interference and watchfulness of relatives.

4. A honeymoon gives a couple quiet time to talk about their independent dreams as well as create dreams as a unit.

5. On a honeymoon, you have the privacy and alone time that you will never get if you are living with in-laws. You can relax and and just be who you are with each other.


They say, relational unions are made in paradise and performed on earth and softened up court. Undertakings in Bollywood are normal with celebs falling all through debates and connection ups which are dealt with as cool. Bollywood is not just been renowned for its genuine romantic tales additionally for its extravagant weddings which are gone to by the rich and well known. Lamentably, the last couple of years Bollywood has seen many breakups and separations where stars and couples neglected to accommodate their relational unions regardless of numerous endeavors. We convey to you a portion of the late Bollywood relational unions which shockingly finished in a partition or separation shaking the entire crew and fans world over. 



Arbaaz Khan – Malaika Arora 

The most recent Bollywood celeb couple to petition for a separation. The couple had met amid an espresso promotion years prior and in a flash experienced passionate feelings for after that. The both got hitched in 1998 and were really effective in their separate vocations. They have a child Arhaan who was conceived in 2002. Individual contrasts and Arbaaz's budgetary insecurity are being cited as the explanations behind their detachment. Supposedly the couple are in their compromise period under the watchful eye of the court stipends it legitimately. 


Farhan Akhtar – Adhuna Bhabani 

He was attempting to get an a dependable balance in heading and she was a beautician, Farhan and Adhuna met each other in 1999 and got hitched in 2000. Farhan turned into a major executive after the arrival of 'Dil Chahta Hai' and went ahead to direct and act in different movies as well. They had two little girls yet by one means or another the marriage went into disrepair as the couple reported their division in January 2016. The explanation behind their partition is being cited as Farhan's developing prevalence and closeness to his female co-stars. 


Chitrangada Singh - Jyoti Singh Randhawa 

Another tall tale marriage between golfer Jyoti Singh Randhawa and the wonderful Chitrangada Singh which occurred in 2001 however went into disrepair in 2014. The couple has a child named Zorawar whose authority is with Chitrangada. The explanation behind their division is being cited for the performer not ready to give quality time to the family and more bowed towards her vocation in Bollywood. 


Ranvir Shorey - Konkona Sen Sharma 

On-screen character Ranvir Shorey and Konkona Sen Sharma pursued for a long time before getting hitched in 2010. The couple's marriage hit absolute bottom when they chose to commonly go separate ways following five years of marriage because of incongruently. The couple has a five year old child Haroon. 


Hrithik Roshan - Sussanne Khan 

One of the best 'made for each other' picture impeccable couples of Bollywood who became hopelessly enamored and wedded in 2000, the year that made Hrithik an overnight star. The couple were conceded separate a year ago subsequent to putting in 14 years together. The purpose behind their partition is not known but rather it raised a great deal of eyebrows inside and outside the business. The couple has two children – Hrehaan and Hridhaan. 


Priyadarshan – Lissy 

Previous Mollywood on-screen character Lissy and executive Priyadarshan went separate ways in 2014 following 24 years of marriage. The chief's abnormal ways and claimed kinships were cited as the explanations behind the pair's separation. The couple have a child and a little girl. 


Karan Singh Grover – Jennifer Winget 

One of TV's ideal star couples met amid the shooting for the serial 'Dill Mill Gayye,' in 2007. Following a five year romance the couple got hitched in 2012 however was brief because of Karan's extramarital issues. The couple were separated 2014. Karan presently is allegedly dating performing artist Bipasha Basu. 


Om Puri – Nandita Puri 

Bollywood performing artist Om Puri's first marriage to Seema Kapoor finished in a separation. In this manner the performing artist wedded writer, Nandita Puri who likewise composed the on-screen characters history. Nandita petitioned for separation because of physical misuse and abusive behavior at home which came through early this year. The couple has a child Ishaan. 


Pooja Bhatt – Munish Makhija 

On-screen character turned executive Pooja Bhatt and TV host Munish Makhija wedded in Goa in 1997 on the arrangements of 'Paap'. In the wake of being hitched for a long time the couple chose to go separate ways for reasons best known not. Despite the fact that the couple are prone to cooperate following Munish is making music for Pooja's next film 'Supper club'. 


Anurag Kashyap - Kalki Koechlin 

Essayist executive Anurag Kashyap began to look all starry eyed at Kalki amid the making of his film 'DevD'. Both got hitched in 2011 however were in the long run conceded divorce in 2013 by going for an outside court settlement. 


Raghu Ram - Sugandha Garg 

Television host Raghu Ram and on-screen character Sugandha Garg who showed up in movies like 'Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na' and 'My Name Is Khan' were hitched for 10 long years before they threw in the towel and petitioned for separation which came through early this year. The pair, in any case, has kept up that their choice to go separate ways was common and because of absence of getting to know one another. 


Pulkit Samrat - Shweta Rohira 

The one year old marriage between up and coming on-screen character Pulkit Samrat and Shweta Rohira kept running into pained waters when it was accounted for that Shweta couldn't endure the strange methods for her performing artist spouse which prompted consistent battles. Pulkit's developing affection towards co-star Yami Gautam is being held as the purpose behind the couple's separation. 


Vikas Bahl - Richa Dubey 

"Ruler" executive Vikas Bahl and spouse Richa Dubey's marriage hit absolute bottom when it was uncovered that chief was dating film author, Chaitally Parmar. The couple who petitioned for separation in 2014 have been conceded separate as of late. 


Karisma Kapoor - Sunjay Kapur 

Performing artist Karisma Kapoor's marriage to Delhi based specialist Sunjay Kapur excessively went into disrepair. The couple who got hitched in 2003 couldn't get along because of Sunjay's casanova ways. In spite of the fact that the couple gave it another attempt yet floated separated lastly petitioned for separation in 2014. The divorce settlement that Karisma requested was supposed to associate with 7 crore. The twosome at last formally were allowed divorce by the court on thirteenth June, 2016 and not surprisingly Karisma got the youngsters' care.


Super hit reality show Big Boss has gone on to become a paradise for those who wear their heart on their sleeve. Every season viewers get to see numerous love stories kindling among the housemates. Some of these budding romances went on and developed into stronger relationships, while many others lost their charm as soon as the show ended. In both the cases, all of them had the cuteness of a fresh romance, and were highly enjoyed by the audience. Some relationships stirred controversies, while others were unconventional and dreamlike.

1. Anupama Verma and Aryan Vaid

The first couple of the Bigg Boss house was formed in the first season of the series itself. Models Anupama Verma and Aryan Vaid formed a connection that lasted for a bit even after both were out of the house. However, the relationship couldn’t stand the test of time and that gave rise to speculation that it was there strategy to get more votes as couple.


 2.  Sara Khan and Ali Merchant

Bigg Boss 4 contestants, Sara Khan and Ali Merchant, got married in the house itself. But, the marriage did not even last for two months! In fact, when the two separated, it was said that their wedding was nothing, but a publicity stunt for which they were paid Rs. 50 lakh



 3. Pooja Bedi and Akashdeep Saigal

In season 5, Bedi and Sky hit it off almost instantly and remain one of the few couples that survived even outside the house. The two are still very much together and Sky proudly sports a tattoo of his ladylove’s name on his bicep.


4. Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon

Another sizzling romance seen on Bigg Boss 7 was between the famous television actor Kushal Tandon, and noted model and actor Gauahar Khan. One was never seen without the other and Kushal even made claims on the show of wanting to grow old with Gauhar.  However, even this relationship did not last long. A few months later, Kushal announced on Twitter that he and Gauahar are no longer a couple. 


5. Tanishaa Mukerji and Armaan Kohli

In season 7, Tanisha and Armaan too got very close and stuck by each other through thick and thin. Even now, the couple is apparently engaged in spite of opposition from Tanisha’s family. They’ve been in the news often courtesy their romantic getaways. Well, it might be safe to say that Tanisha-Armaan are on their way to become the the Kim-Kanye of the poor; famous for no reason!


6. Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel

This was one of the hottest couples on Bigg Boss. Remember Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel getting all cosy in Bigg Boss season 4?Well, while their chemistry did raise the TRPs of the show, it was host Salman Khan who reminded them to stay within their limits as Bigg Boss is a family show.The couple are not together anymore, with Veena being married to an Arab businessman and also having a child with him.


7. Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel

Well, Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna’s love story has been quite a filmy one. While both Upen and Karishma were opponents at the beginning of Bigg Boss 8, somehow things changed and the two started bonding well.

The two continued to date even after the show and Upen even proposed to Karishma on the dance reality show Nach Baliye 7.


8. Sana Khan and Vishal Karwal

In Bigg Boss season 6, TV actor Vishal Karwal and rising actor Sana Khan were said to have a romantic angle. Sana Khan and Vishal were friends even before they came on the show. Their good looks and compatibility on the show made everyone believe that they were the next in the queue to make a hot couple. However, the story did not get much time to develop as Vishal got evicted soon.


9. Prince Narula and Nora Fatehi

The latest season on Bigg Boss has also seen a steaming hot love story. The bad boy Prince Narula, and the latest entrant Nora Fatehi recently went on a date inside the Bigg Boss 9 house. The poolside date saw them indulging in some romance, and Prince even kissed her. Since they both are still inside the house, it is too early to comment on whether they will remain together after coming out or not.