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Can I run two "instances" of apache httpd?

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In my apache configuration, I am using a scripting language (tcl through apache rivet) which implements a "heavy" application, something that takes some minutes to start when apache starts a new process.

Is there a way to "separate" these "heavy" apache processes from the rest of the apache?

I.e. when the url is "/my_heavy_service" redirect the request to the apache which has the "heavy" application loaded, and the rest of the requests be handled by an apache with does not even has mod_rivet loaded?

Like starting an apache on a different port (i.e. 8123), which loads my application, and starting a "normal" apache on port 80, which serves all requests except some, which are directed to the server in port 8123.

In general I think it can be done (i.e.:,
but is a way to do this in fedora 19, and keep all this "systemctl * httpd" stuff?

Has anyone attempted this?

posted Aug 9, 2013 by Deepak Dasgupta

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2 Answers

+1 vote

I have not attempted it, but I think it should be possible. You would just write a new systemd unit thatd start Apache so that it would read its configuration files from a different location. Then you could carefully create the alternative configuration so that the Apache instances do not interfere with each other.

answer Aug 9, 2013 by Sheetal Chauhan
+1 vote

Yes. You just have multiple Listen lines in your config file and then you have to restart the httpd.service.

answer Aug 9, 2013 by Mandeep Sehgal
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I am a bit confused about the mod_rewrite documentation. It shows this rule to block hotlinking:

RewriteCond "%{HTTP_REFERER}" "!^$"
RewriteCond "%{HTTP_REFERER}" "!" [NC]
RewriteRule ".(gif|jpg|png)$" "-" [F,NC]

however, I'd think a better rule would be:

RewriteCond "%{HTTP_REFERER}" "^$" [OR]
RewriteCond "%{HTTP_REFERER}" "!(www.)?*$" [OR,NC]
RewriteRule ".(gif|jpg|png)$" "-" [F,NC]

if I want to block anyone manually typing in a link (no referer) + hotlinking (probably has a referer). Do i need the [OR] on the 1st
RewriteCond and not the 2nd one? It seems to work with OR on both conditions.

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I would like to know, if there exists any solution in order to synchronize (replicate) sessions between two httpd servers which are configured as load balancers using mod_proxy_balancer? Considering HAProxy, the same functionality exists; it is possible to synchronize the stick table between HAProxy instances. Does mod_proxy_balancer use stick table? Is it possible to synchronize the stick table between two mod_proxy_balancer instances?

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My System : CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core)
My Apache version : Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS)

I have configured two httpd instance.

I'm looking for a way to use "apachectl fullstatus" command for the second instance. Is this possible?