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Does Httpd 2.2.26 is supported on Windows 2012 (64-bit)?

+3 votes
Does Httpd 2.2.26 is supported on Windows 2012 (64-bit)?
posted Dec 9, 2013 by Seema Siddique

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1 Answer

+1 vote

There are many users of HTTPD 2.2.26 on Windows Server 2012.

There is no official binary distribution, so I recommend the ones from . Only the 32-bit version (which will run on a 64-bit OS) is available for 2.2.26. I also recommend using 2.4 if you can.

answer Dec 9, 2013 by Jagan Mishra
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I start httpd.exe from a PHP script, using this command string on Win7:

 start /b  /d ...httpd.exe -f myhttpd.conf

This appears to work OK. However, when it comes to stopping it I have an error message. I'm trying initially from the console prompt:

 httpd.exe -k stop -f pathtomyhttpd.conf

and the message is:

 (OS 5)Access is denied. : failed to open the Apache2.2 Service

What is the right way to do this?

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My System : CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core)
My Apache version : Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS)

I have configured two httpd instance.

I'm looking for a way to use "apachectl fullstatus" command for the second instance. Is this possible?

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I am a bit confused about the mod_rewrite documentation. It shows this rule to block hotlinking:

RewriteCond "%{HTTP_REFERER}" "!^$"
RewriteCond "%{HTTP_REFERER}" "!" [NC]
RewriteRule ".(gif|jpg|png)$" "-" [F,NC]

however, I'd think a better rule would be:

RewriteCond "%{HTTP_REFERER}" "^$" [OR]
RewriteCond "%{HTTP_REFERER}" "!(www.)?*$" [OR,NC]
RewriteRule ".(gif|jpg|png)$" "-" [F,NC]

if I want to block anyone manually typing in a link (no referer) + hotlinking (probably has a referer). Do i need the [OR] on the 1st
RewriteCond and not the 2nd one? It seems to work with OR on both conditions.

+1 vote

I would like to know, if there exists any solution in order to synchronize (replicate) sessions between two httpd servers which are configured as load balancers using mod_proxy_balancer? Considering HAProxy, the same functionality exists; it is possible to synchronize the stick table between HAProxy instances. Does mod_proxy_balancer use stick table? Is it possible to synchronize the stick table between two mod_proxy_balancer instances?

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