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How S-MME knows about T-SGSN id when it receives HO required message from S-eNB?

+1 vote
How S-MME knows about T-SGSN id when it receives HO required message from S-eNB?
posted Sep 2, 2015 by Gnanendra Reddy

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1 Answer

0 votes

In S1-AP Handover Required message, target Id IE carries LAI, RAC in case of handover towards UMTS. After receiving the handover message, MME does DNS query based on the received LAI, RAC parameters to get the SGSN-ID.


answer Sep 2, 2015 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
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My query is, in this HO required message, what should be the value of ac-BarringFactor??
Should it be P00 or the last value set before admin down(e.g., P95)?

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I have basic handover related query. How source eNodeB get to know when it has to trigger handover required message ? I mean to ask, how a source eNodeB come to know the threshold values of RSRP or RSRQ or both (related to target eNodeB) , required to do a successful handover towards eNodeB ? Is it due to network planning ?

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How to inform MME about UE movement from Source eNB to Target eNB after UE sending Re-establishment with HO failure to target eNB during handover. In this case HO notify or path switch is applicable ?

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X2 HO preparation success rate suddenly decreased in some sites. the root cause is invalid MME Group ID, however MME Group ID is unique. Could you please comment about issue ?

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