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When S1 HO is initiated by source eNB admin down, what should be the value of ac-BarringFactor in HO Required message?

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Suppose I have two eNBs, configured as S1 intra-frequency neighbours and my UE is attached to one of them. There is no X2 connection present between them.
Now, I have done admin down to the source eNB. So, HO process is triggered. As a consequence of this, source eNB sends HO required message to MME.

My query is, in this HO required message, what should be the value of ac-BarringFactor??
Should it be P00 or the last value set before admin down(e.g., P95)?

posted Jan 4, 2015 by Sourav Mondal

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My guess only it should be P95 i.e last value before down (though its a long time before I left LTE)

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