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Informatica: PWX-02142 Field extends past end of record.

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PWX-00271 DBAPI Error. DB_READ failed for file <Non-relational source>.
PWX-01266 DBNTC Receive READ header for file <Non-relational source> failed, rcs 260/2011/2141.
PWX-02011 SQL fetch error. SQLCODE = 2141.
PWX-02141 Record mapping failure. Table="CIP.COMPBGRP.CIPCGHD2". Record=1. Row=1.
PWX-02142 Field extends past end of record.
                     Field="CIPCGHD2:GEN_AFT2_HEADER_AREA". Table="CIP.COMPBGRP.CIPCGHD2". Record=1. Row=1.

We are importing copy books from power exchange navigator and we are facing issue when we run query again the table and above error message we are getting.

posted Aug 28, 2015 by anonymous

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Insert query
Refresh Stats procedure call
When no semicolon ; is present between these 2 parts, the record count is given in Millions. When a semicolon ';' is present the record count is given in Thousands.

Two Questions:

Why is it not throwing an Error for the absence of a semicolon?
Why the increased record count?

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Design a mapping to load the first record from a flat file into one table A, the last record from a flat file into table B and the remaining records into table C?

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