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How to use in table in perl?

0 votes

Please help me. I can only see Hilary Duff. I can not see Taylor Momsen.
I would like to use table for that. How should I do? Here is my script.

use Modern::Perl;
use autodie;
use CGI;

my $q = CGI->new;

my %label = (
 celeb => 'Who do you fancy? : ',

my %form = ( 
 celeb => $q->radio_group(-name=>'celeb',
 -values=>['Hilary Duff','Taylor Momsen'],
 -default=>'Hilary Duff'),
 submit => $q->submit,
 reset => $q->reset,

say $q->header;
say $q->start_html;
say $q->start_form;
say $q->table(
say $q->end_form;
say $q->submit;
say $q->end_form;
say $q->end_html;
posted May 18, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes
 my %form = (
       celeb => $q->radio_group(-name=>celeb,
                        -values=>[Hilary Duff,Taylor Momsen],
                        -default=>Hilary Duff),

The line above gives a warning message: Odd number of elements in hash assignment.
You can re-write that like so:

my $radio = $q->radio_group(    -name    => celeb,    -values  => [ Hilary Duff, Taylor Momsen ],     -default => Hilary Duff);
my %form = (    celeb  => $radio,    submit => $q->submit,    reset  => $q->reset,); 
answer May 18, 2013 by anonymous
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