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How to define array in perl ?

+2 votes
How to define array in perl ?
posted Nov 15, 2014 by Ganesh

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–1 vote

If i am iterating through the elements in an array, at any point is it possible to say which element i am handling without using a counter? Are there any built-ins that i can use for it?
ie foreach my $element (a..z) { ... if ( i am the 5th element ) { handle me special } }

+1 vote

I have tried to install module PDF::FromHTML from cpan but not able to get it.
Please let me know any other module to do the same. please help

+2 votes

I try to eliminate below special character "^@" by perl in the attachment. I have tried "$.*^' regular expression for elimination in perl but fail.

Have anyone got the experience to eliminate such special character? appreciate your help.

+1 vote

I have a perl script I want to create desktop shortcut. While I click on this shortcut icon it will run my perl script and keep the terminal open.

I have tried the command

ln -s ~/Desktop/abc

while I click on this abc Icon from my desktop. It run and same time the terminal exit. Could you please help here?

My requirement is:

I want to create desktop shortcut for particular perl program. While I click on this icon from desktop, it should run and keep the terminal open.

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