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Python developer with 2-4 years experience for a start up at Crest Data Systems

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Company Name

Crest Data Systems


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Job Type


Min Experience

2 Yr

Max Experience

5 Yr

If you are thrilled about building a product from scratch in the very happening areas of Data Center technology, then this is a job for you! Flexible work culture, competitive pay, working with excellent team and dynamic work environment - are just few of the reasons to join Crest.

You must have good handle on Linux. Good Python development experience is a must. Prior experience in Openstack is desired but not required.

Check out for more details.

How to Apply:

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About Company

Founded in 2013, Crest Data Systems is a leading provider of data center solutions and engineering/marketing services in the areas of Networking/SDN, Storage, Security, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and Big Data / Data Analytics. The team has extensive experience in building and deploying various Data Center products from Cisco, VMware, NetApp, Amazon AWS, EMC, and other Global hi-tech Enterprises. Crest Data Systems provides various engineering services including Software Development, QA/Automation, 3rd party Integration / building connectors. Crest also provides various Professional Services including Data Center Training, POC testing, Network Design/Implementation/Migration, and Sales Enablement.
posted Aug 17, 2015 by Mehul Bhatt

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