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LTE: What is the relation between MCCH and MBSFN Area ?

+4 votes
LTE: What is the relation between MCCH and MBSFN Area ?
posted Aug 8, 2015 by Vikram Singh

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1 Answer

+1 vote

If I understood your question correctly then please find my response as below.
One cell can be the part of maximum 8 MBSFN Areas and each MBSFN Area has its own configuration for MCCH.

Reference from 36.331, content of SIB-13 :

**SystemInformationBlockType13-r9 ::=   SEQUENCE {
    mbsfn-AreaInfoList-r9               MBSFN-AreaInfoList-r9,
    notificationConfig-r9               MBMS-NotificationConfig-r9,
    lateNonCriticalExtension            OCTET STRING                    OPTIONAL,   -- Need OP

MBSFN-AreaInfoList-r9 ::=           SEQUENCE (SIZE(1..maxMBSFN-Area)) OF MBSFN-AreaInfo-r9

MBSFN-AreaInfo-r9 ::=               SEQUENCE {
    mbsfn-AreaId-r9                     INTEGER (0..255),
    non-MBSFNregionLength               ENUMERATED {s1, s2},
    notificationIndicator-r9                INTEGER (0..7),
    mcch-Config-r9                      SEQUENCE {
        mcch-RepetitionPeriod-r9            ENUMERATED {rf32, rf64, rf128, rf256},
        mcch-Offset-r9                      INTEGER (0..10),
        mcch-ModificationPeriod-r9          ENUMERATED {rf512, rf1024},
        sf-AllocInfo-r9                     BIT STRING (SIZE(6)),
        signallingMCS-r9                    ENUMERATED {n2, n7, n13, n19}

maxMBSFN-Area               INTEGER ::= 8

I explained properly, if you still have any doubt then feel free to ask.

answer Aug 8, 2015 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
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