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LTE: Is it necessary all the cells belong to same MBSFN area should have same amount multicast/broadcast resources ?

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Within the LTE network, different eNodeBs can be deployed with the different bandwidth configuration. Few eNodeBs may be deployed with 10 MHz and few with the 20 MHz. Now I have two questions here.
1. Is it necessary all the cells should have same bandwidth deployment ? If answer is yes then ignore the second question.
2. If cells of the same MBSFN area can have different deployment bandwidth then they would have different amount of multicast resources and what if when a cell exhaust with the allocated MBMS radio resources ? What corrective action MCE should take in this case when few cells of a MBSFN area does not enough room to accommodate new services and other set of cells within the same MBSFN area can serve ?

posted Oct 18, 2016 by Rupam

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1 Answer

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Its not true that all eNBs in single MBSFN area should have same BW.

MCE is responsible to schedule at Cell level, and providing MCH scheduling periods to all the eNBS in that area. Availablity of resources to the commited services should be take care by eNB while admitting the UE for that service. As per specifications 1,2,3,6,7,8 subframes are reserved for MBMS , when MBMS data not present it can be used for normal usage. Hence eNB can know it can serve or not based upon its BW.

answer Oct 19, 2016 by Suchakravarthi Sripathi
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An UE configured for carrier aggregation, may have different radio channel conditions for primary and secondary cells.
I meant to say, primary cell may have strong signal strength at the same time UE may observed secondary cell(s) not too good.
In this case, does the same modulation and coding schemes used for primary and secondary or may use different coding and modulation schemes for different channels for the same sub frame?

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If my following understanding is correct then please provide your comment/answer.
- S1 setup procedure is done by at eNodeB level rather than a cell level granularity.
- All the cells belong to same eNodeB follow the same DRX configuration.

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I have bit confusion in MCE and BMSC in the context of deciding boundary of MBMS service area.

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