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App with multiple threads reboot the Android userspace [CLOSED]

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I made an app (Java based, without JNI stuff), to stress our android device. It does some intensive work and /sdcard IO writes (They are 60 threads) all of them are with FOREGROUND priority.

After a couple of minutes appeared crashes in different places (system_server - FinalizerDaemon timeouts) and then the Watchdog rebooted the device with message Watchdog killing system process: null.

I tested it also on Nexus 7 and other android devices in production, the behavior is the SAME. It seems that some apk, can overload the system and to reboot the user-space.

Is this behavior (under high pressure/load from FOREGROUND threads) is by design in android Jelly-Bean and are there any plans for some remedy for this situation.

closed with the note: None
posted Aug 7, 2013 by Naveena Garg

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1 Answer

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That sounds like a bug. Can you please post a report to with a (link to a) small snippet of code that triggers the error, and specify which platform version?

answer Aug 7, 2013 by anonymous
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In Android5.0, an App(apk) can be installed in multiple users. When the App is running in another user, there is a new process of the App. I want to develop a App which is running in multiple users but only one process is created. Some system process, such like "" is running in this way. But I can not find the way to do that.

I have tried as below, but don't work.

  1. use sharedUserId as system, and mark persistent to be true;
  2. sign app as platform signature, put the apk to /system/app or /system/priv-app/;

However, service/recevier/provider can use in manifest.xml to share the same component although.(single user tag must be installed in /system/priv-app/).