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What is the difference between services and thread in android?

0 votes
AServices performs functionalities in the background. By default services run on main thread only
BThread and services are having same functionalities.
CThread works on services
DNone of the above

Correct Option: 1  

Services work in the background without any UI and it updates UI by using thread. By default, every service is having a main thread.
posted Nov 27, 2017 by anonymous

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What is best thread priority for intensive disk I/O operations - Foreground or Background?

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I made an app (Java based, without JNI stuff), to stress our android device. It does some intensive work and /sdcard IO writes (They are 60 threads) all of them are with FOREGROUND priority.

After a couple of minutes appeared crashes in different places (system_server - FinalizerDaemon timeouts) and then the Watchdog rebooted the device with message Watchdog killing system process: null.

I tested it also on Nexus 7 and other android devices in production, the behavior is the SAME. It seems that some apk, can overload the system and to reboot the user-space.

Is this behavior (under high pressure/load from FOREGROUND threads) is by design in android Jelly-Bean and are there any plans for some remedy for this situation.

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I heard the term "worker thread" and other types of threads such as "system thread" and "user thread".
For me a thread is nothing but a lite weight process and multi-threaded design is chosen for a software development when there are multiple task in the application/system and those tasks can be executed independently.
I want to know when these different terms are used like worker thread, user thread and system thread ?