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How to create a new page in magento?

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How to create a new page in magento?
posted Jul 28, 2015 by Vrije Mani Upadhyay

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2 Answers

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In order to add a new page, you should do the following:

Log into your Magento admin panel by typing “admin” after your domain name in the browser address bar.
Select the “CMS->Pages” tab.

Click the “Add New Page” button. ...

Enter the page URL identifier. ...

Enable the page using the “Status” drop-down menu.

For continue click here

answer Dec 18, 2015 by Manikandan J
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You need to start by logging in to Magento Admin Panel and navigating to CMS and choose Pages menu item.
Please note that in order to have CMS menu item as integral part of your main menu, you need to download our Magento Simple menu module.

Once you choose Pages, new screen will give you an overview of all of your existing pages.

Add New Page orange button is located in the upper right part of the screen, and you should navigate and click in order to start creating your new page.
Make sure that URL key is based on a title that you have assigned to the page previously, written in small letters and separated by hyphens, not spaces.

Choose store view, where the page will be active.

Select enabled from the drop-down menu, in order to make your page visible.

Go ahead and move to the left-hand side menu and click on the Content tab and enter what your page is all about!

Next, click on Page Layout tab and choose the desired layout for your page (it can be presented in one column, 2 columns with left or right bar, or three columns.)
Enter Meta Data for better SEO and click on Save Page orange button located in the upper-right corner of the page to save your new page.

answer Aug 29, 2016 by Magento_ocodewire