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LTE: Does IMS takes part in voice transmitting or is it omitted?

+2 votes

I need to investigate VoLTE subject and till now I have come to following conclusions - please check them and correct if I am wrong.

Originating terminal (UE1) sends SIP invitation to terminating terminal (UE2) (both in LTE network) via SGW -> P-GW-> (IMS) P-CSCF -> S-CSCF and back in the same way to UE1. Is it correct? And whether IMS takes part in voice transmitting or is it omitted?

posted Jul 23, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

The node which comes into picutre in voice transmission in IMS can be either SBC or IMS-AGW

answer Jul 27, 2015 by Peeyush Sharma
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Referring to the 3GPP 29.272 the "Homogeneous Support of IMS Voice Over PS Sessions " AVP is set to TRUE in the ULR means that the serving MME can provide the IMS voice support homogeneously in all TA assigned to it.
Does the MME insert this AVP in the ULR message only if the UE required voice service over IMS during the attach procedure.
In other word, if this AVP is present in the ULR, can we conclude that the UE support Voice call over IMS (VOLTE).

In the same context, if this AVP is absent ("Homogeneous Support of IMS Voice Over PS Sessions ")m can we conclude that either the MME does not support VOLTE at all or the UE does not support it (but only CSFB?

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Volte: How ip packets flows through the IMS network when voice call initiated by user. Will ip packets goes through the CSCF nodes or through which IMS nodes it will flow to reach the end user.

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Which of the network node initiates dedicated bearer creation for the VoLTE call ?