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Config Apache to pass all requests to fastCGI process

+1 vote

I've got a web-app written in Orbit/Kepler (the Lua framework) and I'm wanting my visible URL paths free of file extensions or un-necessary path elements. I'd like to expose just a nice, clean restful-like api.
From the docs, it seems the only way to tell Apache to dispatch handling to wsapi-fcgi is via the "add handler" construct. And that requires me to specify EITHER a static path component, or the individual file extensions (i.e. .lua) to be handled.
Is there any way to tell Apache to pass ALL requests "without" a specific file extension to Lua and let the remaining (image, js, css file requests) be the exception??

posted Aug 5, 2013 by Sonu Jindal

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How about SetHandler in

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I have a requirement where the tomcat load has to be managed by tuning the following parameters.

--> Limit the number of user requests at Apache level that are routed to Tomcat server.
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I use Apache server on a Arch Linux machine. I have a big problem with the delete requests. Apache refuse all of them with the 403 response status code.

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I have IIS and Apache both running on my server. Apache is on 8080. I am having some DNS mapping issues.

I have a virtual host entry as follows:

  DocumentRoot "D:/www/public_html"

    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride All

      Order allow,deny                          
      Allow from all

   = 2.3>
     Require all granted

Is there something wrong with this? because when I browse to, it gives me a 404 error. I can't even browse it as If I map the same domain on IIS it works fine and lets me browse to

I am able to browse to my Apache site via localhost:8080 but not with Can anyone help me.

My Host file has the following entry      TestDevServer

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I want to run three virtual hosts on separate IP addresses for notification messages (the reason is due to how the network kit does the redirection of traffic)

On each of these virtual hosts I want a request for any URI to be sent to the document root default (/index.html or just /)

What the best way to achieve this per virtual host?