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Delete requests forbidden in Apache?

+2 votes

I use Apache server on a Arch Linux machine. I have a big problem with the delete requests. Apache refuse all of them with the 403 response status code.

I do not understand why. Please help me?

posted Apr 24, 2014 by Abhay

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Is your httpd configuration forbidding DELETE? Check

1 Answer

+1 vote

Because that's typically a very dangerous operation to just leave open. Generally speaking it would mean that people could send requests to your Apache saying to delete something from it (granted, it would be "just" things the user running Apache has access to).

Most configurations I've ever worked with (at least production) have everything but HEAD/GET/POST disabled by default.

answer Apr 24, 2014 by anonymous
Ok but how can I enable it? I need it for some restful api.
I tried the Limit clause but it does not work.
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--> Track the number of processed requests and the requests that are queued at Apache level.

Any suggestions?

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I've got a web-app written in Orbit/Kepler (the Lua framework) and I'm wanting my visible URL paths free of file extensions or un-necessary path elements. I'd like to expose just a nice, clean restful-like api.
From the docs, it seems the only way to tell Apache to dispatch handling to wsapi-fcgi is via the "add handler" construct. And that requires me to specify EITHER a static path component, or the individual file extensions (i.e. .lua) to be handled.
Is there any way to tell Apache to pass ALL requests "without" a specific file extension to Lua and let the remaining (image, js, css file requests) be the exception??

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