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Diameter: Receiving 4001 in SLA on Sy interface?

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Am trying to integrate between PCRF & OCS of different Vendors using an Sy interface. Policy configuration and integration is fine but for some of the cases am getting a 4001 (Diameter_Authetication_Rejected) in SLA.

As I understand, Authentication is not part of Sy interface. Can anyone let me know the possible scenarios where the 4001 RC can occur on an Sy interface.

posted Jul 6, 2015 by Prashanth P

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Sorry no clue, everything looks ok to me. Please debug the peer to know what is happening :)
Thank you for trying :-)
 In any case if you come across such issue or a similar... please share the information
Will luv to share the info

Hi Prashanth,

Went through the Spec may be u can try with the complete set of desired AVPs required for SLR. From Spec what I found SLR message contains below AVPs
<SL-Request> ::= <Diameter Header: 8388635, REQ, PXY >
 < Session-Id >
 { Auth-Application-Id }
 { Origin-Host }
 { Origin-Realm }
 { Destination-Realm }
 [ Destination-Host ]
 [ Origin-State-Id ]
 { SL-Request-Type }
 *[ Subscription-Id ]
 *[ Policy-Counter-Identifier ]
 [ Logical-Access-ID ]
 [ Physical-Access-ID ]
 *[ Proxy-Info ]
 *[ Route-Record ]
 *[ AVP ]

Out of these above AVPs Policy Counter Identifier is a Mandatory AVP for SLR. Also when I checked the spec for Transient Failure and Permanent Failure no scenario I can able to corelate with the 4001.

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+4 votes

For one subscriber with MSISDN 1234567:

Provisioning in PCRF SPR: Policy_A, Policy_B, Policy_C
OCS active Services: Service_A, Service_B, Service_C

Each PCRF Policy corresponds to OCS Service respectively.

When PCRF requests counters status from OCS in SLR(initial), it does not explicitly specify which counters it needs. PCRF sends MSISDN in [ Subscription-Id ] AVP in SLR(initial). OCS sends all available counters in SLA.

How PCRF will identify which counter(s) is for which policy? How this mapping will be done ?

+2 votes

I have a question regarding the mapping the Policy counter to Bearers.

Does Policy counter relates to subscriber or it relates to services. I mean how the OCS manages the poilicy counter..
And how it maps to bearers

Lets say we have default bearer which is used for the internet browsing and dedicated bearer for voice.

Now lets say we have Policy counter id1 for subscriber 1, which says the "service as Internet" ..And lets say APN-AMBR (for internet is 5 Mbps upto 5GB ) and 2 Mbps for more than 5GB.

Now in the OCS , we configure for
Policy counterid1: status 5 Mbps upto 5GB and 2 Mbps for more than 5GB.

And on registration, CCR is sent by PGW to PCRF, which inturn sends the SLR with Policy counter id1 with session Id lets say Sysession1

Now the PCRF sends the CCA to PGW with "service type as Internet", Metering method as "volume" and Rating Group some random value. But there is no way to indicate to PGW about the details of counter like on counting 5Mb, it needs to send the CCR-U to OCS. Or lets say on every 2MB PGW indicates to OCS. The Gy session is created for each bearer ? (i.e one for default bearer here and may be another for dedicated bearer related to that..)

On reaching the 5MB limit, the OCS, sends the SNR to PCRF with the Sysession1.

And when the IP CAN is terminated, CCR-T is sent to OCS and also to PCRF by PGW. PCRF inturn sends the STR to OCS.

Now my Q is about a for 2nd APN for the same subsribers, whatabout the Gy and Sy interfaces, are they reused ?

And whatabout the dedicated bearers related to first APN, will they be using the same Gy and Sy interfaces ?

thanks a lot. Any help or any hints in this very helpful for me to correct my understanding and which will correct my code and finally test it !!!

+5 votes

Can someone provide me some high level detail and good pointer :)