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Why MME to MME interface in LTE is based on GTP-C why not it is based on Diameter?

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Why MME to MME interface in LTE is based on GTP-C why not it is based on Diameter?
posted Apr 12, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Wherever AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) required Diameter protocol is used. MME to MME interface is mainly used for handover signalling. Handover signalling does not come under the AAA category that's reason there is no use of having Diameter based interface.

answer Apr 12, 2016 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
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An UE is registered in roaming in LTE network in combined registration (in both MME and VLR).
When the UE returns to its home network in 3G network, does the home network generate both MAP-CANCEL (to the previous VLR) and CLR (to the previous MME)?
Is it implementation dependent in the Home network? (HLR & HSS)
If only MAP-CANCEL is generated, when the MME will remove the IMSI records from its internal database?

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In LTE Gx (Diameter) Interface how would transactions like Re-Auth Req/Ans mapped to IMSI? these transactions don't have Subscription ID and User-Name APN and same thing for other Diameter Interfaces transactions that are missing Subscription ID and User-Name APN.
If you can give me an insight I will greatly appreciated it!

+1 vote

Am trying to integrate between PCRF & OCS of different Vendors using an Sy interface. Policy configuration and integration is fine but for some of the cases am getting a 4001 (Diameter_Authetication_Rejected) in SLA.

As I understand, Authentication is not part of Sy interface. Can anyone let me know the possible scenarios where the 4001 RC can occur on an Sy interface.

+4 votes

For one subscriber with MSISDN 1234567:

Provisioning in PCRF SPR: Policy_A, Policy_B, Policy_C
OCS active Services: Service_A, Service_B, Service_C

Each PCRF Policy corresponds to OCS Service respectively.

When PCRF requests counters status from OCS in SLR(initial), it does not explicitly specify which counters it needs. PCRF sends MSISDN in [ Subscription-Id ] AVP in SLR(initial). OCS sends all available counters in SLA.

How PCRF will identify which counter(s) is for which policy? How this mapping will be done ?