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Running MongoDB.Driver.Example tests

+1 vote

The tests in the examples appear like nunit-type tests but because they don't return "void" nunit-console will ignore them. Is there some other mechanism that should be used? I am adding big-endian support to the code and am passing nearly all tests but the tests in the examples appear that they'll really drive a lot of work that will allow me to check if I've done everything required.

posted Jun 28, 2015 by Gurminder

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My collection is like this, but I want to update a nested object with {"env":"qa"} in my updated collection with java-driver:

{ "_id" : ObjectId("5b052eeff9290437b217b1ed"), "app" : "hike", "group" : [ { "env" : "prod" }, { "env" : "test" } ]}{ "_id" : ObjectId("5b052f36f9290437b217b1ee"), "app" : "viber", "group" : [ { "env" : "prod" }, { "env" : "test" } ]}

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is it possible to create views using the Node.js MongoDB Driver (3.0)? There is no db.createView() in the drivers API reference.

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We recently starting using MongoDB and the new Scala driver library (v 1.1.1). We have not made any custom configurations but we are consistently running out of connections and getting connection timeouts. I worry that we are using the driver incorrectly.

Please see my questions below -

  1. We are using dependency injection to manage the MongoClient. Should be injecting MongoClient or MongoDatabase into all of our CRUD classes?
  2. Should we treat the MongoClient and/or the MongoDatabase as a singleton?
  3. Are there any other common mistakes people have seen with the Scala driver?

Thanks in advance...

+1 vote

I recently upgraded the latest PHP driver and could do an "explain" query by using the "$explain" modifier when executing the query, however as of MongoDB 3.2 the operator was removed so this is no longer possible.

So my question is how can I do an explain query with the new driver and MongoDB 3.2?