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"explain" with the new PHP driver and MongoDB 3.2?

+1 vote

I recently upgraded the latest PHP driver and could do an "explain" query by using the "$explain" modifier when executing the query, however as of MongoDB 3.2 the operator was removed so this is no longer possible.

So my question is how can I do an explain query with the new driver and MongoDB 3.2?

posted Apr 12, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

explain is a command in MongoDB, so you can use the generic "executeCommand" method on the Manager to run explain:

Something like:

$cmd = [
 'explain' => [
 'find' => 'collectionname',
 'filter' => [ // your query
 'name' => 'Derick'
  ¦ "everything else from" ¦

$manager->executeCommand( 'databasename', $cmd );
answer Apr 12, 2016 by Ahmed Patel
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