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LTE: How many users maximum can be allocated on PDCCH resources?

+4 votes

As we know, maximum number of CCEs can be 100. If suppose number of CCEs are 10 in 10MHz bandwidth and CFI=1.
So my query is that : with CCEs=10, only 10 users are possible to be allocate? How many users can be allocated maximally in one subframe? What is the best possible way of scheduling of users.

posted Jun 23, 2015 by anonymous

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Does anyone have bench marking report on max simultaneous VoLTE calls ? Each VoLTE call reserves some bandwidth due to GBR in nature ? I am looking for answer in ideal conditions.

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Is there a limit on how many users can be created on ENodeB and PGW. Is there any limitation from specification point of view or any other limitation?

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what is the limitation in terms of number of UE that can be allocated RB in one TTI/subframe in DL?

Is there any limit defined by the standard? Or would it be possible for instance that 50 UEs would have 1 RB each (for an overall 50 RB BW)?