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how to code a member area script in PHP? [CLOSED]

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I want to code a member area script for processing activities between members of my website i.e. sending and receiving messages between logged in members. Any suggestions?

closed with the note: Comment has solved the problem so no more action required.
posted Jun 11, 2015 by Omutaka Semanobe

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Not sure if I correctly got the problem. You are looking for the script which can be integrated with your site where people can exchange the messages between each other if so the following would be helpful -
it will help me thanks

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If I am using an editor such as Eclipse to analyze a large PHP system and I want to find the file that a function is declared in then I can search for it. I think that the (right-click) context menu for the function sometimes has an item to open the declaration but that does not always work. The same for an include statement; even if I don't know what the path will be during execution and even if the source is in multiple folders, I can search for the file. For large systems however all that can take time (my time).

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