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When and How all SRBs and DRBs get established in LTE?

+2 votes
When and How all SRBs and DRBs get established in LTE?
posted Jun 11, 2015 by anonymous

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Not able to understand the question fully, would you like to explain more so that it can be addressed.

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Which NE stores the details of Default and Dedicated bearer details for all the UE's?

Question:1:- For example, UE1 has 1 default and 3 dedicated bearers. Which NE stores this information and based on what parameters, the bearers are mapped?

Question:2:- When UE is accessing, based on what parameters the bearer will be selected, either Default or Dedicated for will be decided?

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In Gn/Gp case when Bearer Command Mode is UE/Network. How it is decided that bearer binding will be done by PCEF or PCRF?

As both are possible in that case.

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