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How bearer binding mechanism work in Gn/Gp when BCM is UE_NETWORK?

+2 votes

In Gn/Gp case when Bearer Command Mode is UE/Network. How it is decided that bearer binding will be done by PCEF or PCRF?

As both are possible in that case.

posted Dec 1, 2014 by Peeyush Sharma

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1 Answer

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Long time I left LTE so I looked at the net (could not understand anything so just pasting) -

The Bearer Control Mode set to ‘UE-only’ means that the PCRF performs bearer binding The PCRF compare the TFT(s) of all IP-CAN bearers within an IP-CAN session with the generated PCC Rules waiting to be installed/modified or removed. The PCRF indicates to the PCEF the IP-CAN bearer within the IP-CAN session where the PCC Rules shall be installed or removed.

The Bearer Control Mode set to “NW-only” means that the PCEF performs bearer binding. The PCRF installs, modifies or removes PCC Rules over Gx interface to the PCEF. The PCEF checks if a bearer is established with the QCI and ARP indicated by the PCC Rule and associates these PCC Rules to the IP-CAN bearer that has the same QCI, ARP values.


answer Dec 1, 2014 by Salil Agrawal
I guess this is very old one. There are 3 modes UE only, UE_NW and RESERVED

I just could not figure out how in UE_NW mode it is decided who will do the bearer binding as both PGW and PCRF can do the same
Yes link is old :(
Lets wait if someone knows it.
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while going through 3GPP 23.401, I stopped at PGW functionality. The following statement was written.
"If a UE is accessing multiple PDNs, there may be more than one PDN GW for that UE, however a mix of S5/S8 connectivity and Gn/Gp connectivity is not supported for that UE simultaneously". I couldn't understand it. Can someone please elaborate it.

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In EPS default bearer is activation during attach procedure. and a SGW / PGW pair are selected.

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But MS can initiate a bearer activation procedure (different PDN Connection) in which new PGW can be selected.

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